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Serial Offender Profile Our case will involve a serial offender profile by the Kristen Gilbert, 33 years old who was a nurse by professional at Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Setauket an incidence that happened during the year 2000 and resulted to death of four patients. Due to the psychological stress of being divorced by her boyfriend who worked in the same hospital she decided to create attention to her coworkers and her ex-boyfriend by killing four patients. She was charged with the murder of four patients at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Setauket, and her action portrays one among other serial killers targeting their victims.

During her trial, it was realized that she injected her patients with large doses of adrenaline, causing a hyper and uncontrollable heart beat. The patients suffered from a severe illness that ultimately caused their death. Kristen Gilbert acts as a serial killer by confessing killing the four patients to her ex-boyfriend and ex-husband when aligned at the court even before the prosecutor. Therefore, she fits a serial killer because a serial offender is one who murders more than two people in cold blood for psychological gratification and Kristen murdered the four patients because of psychological stress of being divorced by her boyfriend and within a very short time. However, Kristen was not convicted of her crime because the initial review did not find sufficient evidence to pursue the case, no eye witness was found, the weapon used was usually a sudden chemical readily available on the ward and often considered non-detectable or not checked at autopsy.

Additionally, there was not consent contract that was signed and in absence of any agreement before treatment, a patient’s risk of harm is significantly greater when treated by the subject and the latter is uncommonly accurate in predicting patient’s demise.

However, the resolution of the case could be to hold Kristen in bars until adequate evidence was collected to convict her for guilty. ReferencesEric W. Hickey. (2009). Serial Murderers and Their Victims. Oxford. Oxford Press. Jeff Mariotte. (2004). Criminal Minds: Sociopaths, Serial Killers, and Other Deviants. New York; Cambridge Publishers.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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