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The paper "Shifting South: The Song Dynasty" is an outstanding example of an essay on history. The Song Dynasty starting 907 up to 1276 consisted of the Northern and Southern Song with a prosperous economy and a great culture characterized by agriculture and industry. Zhao Kuangyin who founded the Northern Song served in the military between the years of 951-960. He subsequently launched a mutiny in Cheqiao County. After the last king of the Zhou was abdicated there was an establishment of a new Song dynasty in Kaifeng. At that time in history, there was unity in most territories of China.

On the other hand, the Northern Song was faced with political corruption which contributed to the decline of the regime. Consequently, it was eliminated by Jin between 1115 and 1234. Zhao Gou who was the Northern Song’ s last emperor’ s son set up the Southern Song. After the defeat of Northern Song by Jin, his army captured a number of imperial clansmen, though Zhao Gou escaped (Patricia chapter 6). He fled to Nanjing Ying and established the Southern Song Dynasty. After some time, Lin'an became the capital and Jin became the Ruler of the regime of the Southern Song.

During that era, many generals who were patriotic were later killed. The Southern Song came to an end when Lin’ an was captured by Yuan Dynasty’ s army in 1276.  The Song Dynasty became prosperous in many aspects of society. For example, in the field of agriculture and trade, productive technology was highly embraced by the inhabitants of the region. This promoted food output in the Dynasty. There was further development in a commodity economy, science, and culture.

Additionally, vital technological inventions such as typography, compass development, and gunpowder applications characterized this Dynasty.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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