Essays on Spiritual Issues Term Paper

Spiritual Care in Nursing of Individuals, Community and Colleagues Unit Introduction This is the care which responds and appreciates the fundamental needs of human spirits, especially when they are faced with traumatizing situations, illness or depression and sadness. When the patient is under such condition, there is need for the patient to recite prayer and sacrament, understand their self work, expressing themselves, supporting their faith and hope and giving meaning to their many questions. The care, therefore, relies on the compassionate relation between the nurse and the patient, community or colleague, for fulfillment of spiritual needs.
Natural and Manmade Disasters
Disasters can either take a natural or artificial form. For instance, in the case where a patient is realized and identified to have incurred great damage of his mental abilities, then this could be natural only in the situation where the patient/victim did not indulge in acts that led to the insanity (Royal College of Nursing, 2011)s. Natural occurrences, in many instances, are beyond the power of humans to control, are in many instances considered to be acts of God. Artificial disaster, which would need spiritual nursing and care, could occur in the instance where the patient is greatly depressed due to the economical status of his or her family. Both of such patients require nurses that understand their spiritual needs and wants (Rieg et. al, 2006).
Caring for the Individual, Community and Colleagues
When handling this delicate issue on spiritual healing and care, nurses should ensure that every individual patient works directly towards discovering a new self throughout the rehabilitative program. The patient ought to know that there is new found hope and purpose of life and the nurse is to ensure the patient remains optimistic. In the case of community and colleagues, the nurse has to appreciate the fact that people originate from different spiritual backgrounds, and should therefore treat community and colleagues according to their specific needs, and not according to the individual needs (Rieg et. al, 2006).
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