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The paper "Showcasing GOA as a Multifaceted Destination Meaning" is a good example of a macro and microeconomics research proposal.   GOA is a state which is found in western India coast of Arabian Sea. Although it is the smallest of all of India’ s states economic wise it is the strongest and it has the highest GDP per capita which is attributed to mining and tourism activities. With the dwindling mining industry, tourism is taking over as the main economic activities. The state of GOA has a number of tourist attractions including the beaches, the natural biodiversity and the cultural and archaeological heritage.

With regards to destination marketing the state only was involved when the government tourism department came to existence in the 1960s. The year 2014 saw GOA Tourism Department launching new tourism strategy which was aimed at rebranding and repositioning the state, away from the image that was developed in the 1960s where the state was portrayed as being a hippy beach destination involved in the consumption of drugs. During those earlier days, the state was associated with hippies from the west, backpackers and charter flights whose occupants were mainly budget travelers.

The repositioning campaign may be seen as being part of a broad tourism development strategy that is being used by GOA state government including the construction of new airports and cruise terminal. The liberalization of the Indian economy that commenced in the early 1990s this being spearheaded by Minister P. V. Narasimha Rao, saw considerable growth in India’ s middle class with domestic tourism destination being the beneficiaries of the new wealth. The state of GOA has been relatively successful in the attraction of this middle-class travel segment, who have a high regard of GOA being a cool destination bearing in mind India is seen to be highly traditional and conservative in culture.

A typical example is where in GOA it is common to see women wearing sleeveless tops and short pants something that unusual in the rest of India. This makes GOA earn the reputation of being comfortable, safe and relaxed. The vision of the Ministry of Tourism which is in charge of overseeing the GOA Tourism Department has the desire of diversifying the image of the state as a tourist destination.

This would see moving away from it being a hippy beach holiday destination instead of having rich Portuguese/Indian culture and heritage and nature hinterland taking centre stage. With close collaboration with Chlorophyll which is a brand management company, the new Kenna Campaign has been brought up by the GOA Tourism Department. Kenna is the official language of the state and it a word that means sometime. The overall aim is showcasing GOA as a multi-faceted destination meaning that the state can be many things for those making it their destination. With the relatively high cost that comes with repositioning campaign and being fully aware that for the image of GOA to change in the market, it will take some time, the GOA Tourism Board intention consistently putting into use the Kenna positioning in all matters marketing communication.

The board has full recognition of the need of demonstrating to tourism businesses how effective the campaign will turn up over time as per the perceptions of consumers in the key markets. It is due to this that the management had to come up with an outline of measuring perceptions of GOA in the Australia market in 2016, two years letter after the launching of the campaign.


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