Essays on The Global Media In The 1990's Book Report/Review

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The global media in the 1990s The global media in the 1990s Global Media in the 1990s, as expressed by Herman and McChesney expresses how US media business influences entertainment and news around the world. According to them, the deregulation and commercialization of public television systems globally began between 1970 and 1980, though it spread fully in the 1990s. Global media has occurred at the expense of systems that dominated previously. The reason why media corporations are able to gain this power and control is because government organizations like FCC (Federal Communications Commission), no longer regulate them.

There is a strong critique of journalism degradation under commercial influences and a look at the larger culture commercialization. Moreover, a major subject in the 1990s was that, even though Hollywood fare in television, film and music had substantial appeal globally, this appeal had its limits (Herman & McChesney 43). Media corporations are capable of influencing the media through globalization since they join with conglomerates which are not of the US origin. For example, Disney signed a ten year contract with McDonald’s in 1996, giving the quick food chain special worldwide rights to promote Disney merchandise in its restaurants.

In this case, Disney is permitted to use McDonald’s outlets in promoting its sales, whereas McDonald’s can use the latter’s to assist in its unabashed operation to dominate all markets in the world (Hackett & Zhao 9). Herman and Mchesney are basically saying that McDonald and Disney are able to benefit more popularity globally because they promote each other’s goods. In their article, these authors continue to explain how media conglomerates in the US manipulate globalization of American pop culture through lack of directive and having agreements with non-media corporations. Works CitedEdward S.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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