Essays on Circumstances That Can Increase a Person's Chance of Being Victimized Essay

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The paper "Circumstances That Can Increase a Person's Chance of Being Victimized" is a good example of an essay on social science. “ Victimology is the study of relationships among perpetrators, victims and the criminal justice system” (Czaja, 2010). Apart from the study of the interrelationship among these, victimology also offers an insight into the influence made by changing business scenario, social and cultural norms, and the media upon the society in general. Here, it is customary to describe victims. Victims may not necessarily be encountering criminals. Instead, any person whose rights have been subdued in any way is a victim.   People’ s chance of being victimized has tremendously increased since the early 1990s with the rise in technology, particularly which relates to computers.

The use of computers became widespread almost all over the world since the 1990s. Along with computers came the internet, which opened doors to new ways of crime and people’ s verisimilitude of being victimized grew noticeably. “ … internet access became more available and economical throughout the late 1990s” (Fusco, n.d. , p. 12). The Internet has conventionally been employed as a means of networking.

Because of the quick access to people, many people have conducted severe frauds through the internet. Internet frauds include but are not limited to blackmailing, puffery, and promotion of gay/lesbian marriages without individuals getting to know of it. People have conventionally hidden their original identity on the internet, and a lot of gay marriages have taken place online, without the consent of individuals being victimized. In addition to that, Facebook, Twitter, and Orkut have provided criminals with access to personal information about people, as a result of which, people have then been victimized in various ways.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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