Essays on The Environment as a Key Column of the Economy Essay

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The paper "The Environment as a Key Column of the Economy" is an outstanding example of an essay on environmental studies. The environment is a key sector of the Indiana economy. The sector that comprises mining, forestry, agriculture, and fishing among others employs the majority of the population. Export from the sector earns the country's foreign revenue. On the same scale, tax on the commodities raises the fiscal value. Environmental related activities also enable the infrastructural development and facilitate trade (Bergh 522). However, environmental resources are scarce. The unsustainable exploitation of the resources depletes the reserves and increases human vulnerability.   Illegal and uncontrolled logging has the potential to destroy the Indiana forests.

The deforestation will, in turn, affect paper printing and other forest-related economic activities. Mostly, depletion of the forest will lead to joblessness in the associated industries. Thus, the challenge of uncontrolled logging affects diverse sectors of the economy (Bergh 542). Likewise, Indiana petroleum, coal, and gas extraction earns the nation immense income through export and internal use. The sectors also employ the majority of the population, mostly the youths. In the event, that the services diminish, Indiana's economy shall experience a challenge of sustaining energy, and power demands.

In addition, the country shall lose earning from the trade of commodities. Environmental resources act as a pillar of Indiana’ s economic structure. The degradation of the resources will facilitate the scarcity of the same. Usually, poor quality, inaccessibility, and inadequate environmental resources such as water or land propagate conflicts. The conflicts destroy the already created economic structures and promote human suffering. In addition, no financial investment takes place in conflict areas. In conclusion, the environment is a key column of the economy.

Thus, citizens should conserve it for economic prosperity.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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