Essays on Language as Barrier to Communication Essay

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The paper "Language as a Barrier to Communication" is an excellent example of an essay on humanitarian.   Communication is an important practice in almost every aspect of human life. Diverse and dynamic factors influence effective and efficient communication. In particular, language plays a central role as far as communication is concerned. Language that is sexist, racist, and homophobic in nature creates a critical barrier to communication (Sue 47). Sexist language is a discriminatory language that focuses on the sex factor within a given communication context. This language creates a barrier to communication through gender categorization and isolation.

In other words, it categorizes gender into men and women and subsequently isolates one or the other based on the chosen preference. The affected party in that communication context feels left out or unwanted. This could create individual-based tension that inhibits effective communication. Racist language is prejudicial in nature, an aspect that creates superiority complex problems. For example, language that suggests white dominance over people of color is prejudiced. With one race feeling superior to the other, communication becomes a challenge especially within a setting where the two races interact. Sexual orientation influences communication in diverse and dynamic ways.

Homophobic language is prejudicial against homosexual persons. In the communication context, this language results in personal attitudes that hinder communication-based interactions and relations. For example, the interaction between straight and homosexual persons could limit information flow or hinder information sharing. In conclusion, the language that exhibits sexist, racist, and homophobic aspects create a barrier to communication. Such language affects how people interact or relate within a given communication context. With limited interaction and relation, the extent to which communication is effective becomes hampered.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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