Essays on Lawyers Immorality Essay

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The paper "Lawyers’ Immorality" is an outstanding example of an essay on social science. Immorality is known as the quality or of being involved in wicked acts in the standards of moral ethics. The immorality of a lawyer in practicing law affects and alters constitutional justice within the society either positively or negatively in favor of a given interest. Lawyer’ s immorality can be simply excused by the demands of the job in situations in terms of the standard conception of the lawyer’ s role (Campbell, 2005). It also includes the consideration of possible roles of defenses and various criticisms involved in the adversarial system.

The morality is tested in the day – to - day grind of being a lawyer because both morality and law serve to channel behavior in the society. Law is used to accomplish this via sanctions of threats in case of disobedience to legal rules. Morality also involves incentives hence bad acts may result in disapprobation and guilt while good acts lead to virtuous praise and feelings (Carle, 2005).   The engagement of lawyers in illegal conduct is motivated by selfishness and greed for power and fame.

This moves them to rub shoulders with the opponent in moves to try and justify their acts positively and negatively paint the opponent. In order to secure and give more weight to a case, one might be moved to immoral acts just to make his point relevant and pivotal to the case (Hostetller, 2013). Numerous forces might be in existence in the misconduct of lawyers. Police report always alters and determines the misconduct depending on the honesty of the tabled report.

If the arrest false and police were involved in some shoddy deals to paint the person in criminal acts, then the judgment, in this case, will be negative hence no justice as a result of police misconduct. Political influences and influences from the powerful people in the society are forces that may lead to lawyer misconduct especially when threatened with the loss of job or life in connection to delivering certain judgment in favor or against the person in subject.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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