Essays on Agricultural Export and Import Status: South Africa Report

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The paper "Agricultural Export and Import Status: South Africa" is a wonderful example of a report on agriculture. South Africa is one of the developed countries in Africa with a service area of 1.22 million km2 and a population of 46.9 million people plus a per capita gross domestic product of USD 3530. It has a variety of products which are exported to other countries. South Africa has a dual agricultural economy whereby it has both the well developed commercial farming plus the subsistence-based productions which are produced in the deep rural areas mostly.

You find in South Africa, most of the agricultural land covers an area of 1.2 million square kilometers of land. It is also one-eighth of the size of the United States whereby it has seven climatic regions which range from the Mediterranean region to the subtropical desert and the semi-desert regions. The presence of the coastline which covers an area of 3,000 kilometers with also seven ports has made the agricultural sector in South Africa to be well good hence it can produce a high quality of commercial agricultural products which can be exported to other countries hence leading to its economic growth.

Some of the agricultural products in South Africa include cereals, meat plus tuber pulses, sunflower seeds, corn products, nectarines, wine among other exported products. For e3xample, the report tells us that it produces 85% of all the meat which is consumed in South Africa hence meaning that its one of the world exporters of meat to other countries. The agricultural sector is the leading sector in South Africa whereby there are around 4,300 milk producers hence providing employment opportunities to most of the people.

The agricultural sector is the largest employer whereby it employs 60,000 farmworkers to work in their farms hence meaning that it has made the majority of the people in South Africa have increased standards of living since it employs so many people per year to work in their farms. (Anderson, Martin, and van der 2005). Other products found in South Africa are mineral products that are said to be quite abundant. There are so many resources in South Africa that have led the country to increased economic performance.

Some of the minerals which are extracted include minerals like gold, copper, natural gas, platinum, coal, iron, nickel, phosphates, manganese, tin, ore, antimony, chromium, uranium, and diamond.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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