Essays on The Impact of Valentine's Day on International Economy Research Proposal

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The paper   “ The Impact of Valentine’ s Day on International Economy ” is a breathtaking example of the research proposal on management. Valentine's day is an international day that is celebrated globally. Most of the people globally spend their time on vocations since Valentine Day is considered as a day for appreciating the loved ones. There are various ways in which people celebrate Valentine Day globally. However, in most cases, it is considered that valentine's day is only meant for the lovers. But Valentine Day has more impact than it is determined.

The global economy has been influenced by Valentine Day since there are many business activities that take place. In some cultures, it is considered to be one of the holidays (The Ups store 2015). The main aim of this research is to determine the impact of Valentine Day on the international economy. Many business people plan effectively on market strategies that will be applied during Valentine Day so that the needs of the market can be met effectively. There are arguments that Valentine Day influences the international economy as well as the domestic economy.

The business activities which are conducted during Valentine Day include buying and selling but most of the economies do not account for the benefits which are reaped from the business activities conducted during valentine's day. This means that it is important to account for the economic benefits of the business activities during Valentine's Day. In this effect, this research proposal will discuss the impact of Valentine Day to the global economy so that it will be possible to understand the impact of Valentine Day on the global economy. 1.2 Research aimThe main of this research is to determine the impact of Valentine Day on the global economy specifically the Australian economy.

This means that the researcher will only be limited to the impact of Valentine Day on the global economy and will not focus on other concepts that contribute to the global economy. 1.3 Research questionThis research proposal will be guided by the following question; What is the concept of Valentine's Day? Which market factors influence the effectiveness of Valentine’ s Day? What is the impact of Valentine Day on the global economy?


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