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Essays on Innovation in Event Management - Significance of Creativity for Events in the Current Social and Economic Environment Essay

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The paper “ Innovation in Event Management - Significance of Creativity for Events in the Current Social and Economic Environment" is a  brilliant example of an essay on management. Innovation is entailing people’ s activity and organizations’ activity aimed at changing themselves and the environment. It involves breaking routines and dominant ways of thinking through the introduction of new things and behaviors and launching new standards. It comprises individual stance, an organizational process and a social movement (Books LLC. , 2010). Innovation is a complex development of discoveries and inventions brought about in the business and social environment with the hope of leading to adoption by new users.

During the adoption process, improvements to both the idea and implementation often require further innovation. More often, successful innovations are imitated by other players in the industry or applied by analogy in other industries (McFarlane, Mayer, and Bertrand, 1999). Several cases of innovation are in existence. They include product, process, and behavioral innovation. Innovation is often a mix of the three categories. The effect of innovation is the creation or transfer of economic value. The creation of new value is the strongest form of innovation while the transfer of value is a weaker form (Smitz, 2004).

Strong innovation takes place when a firm creates economic value (Gore, 2001). The majority of innovation that is driven by competitive forces is of the weak form (O’ Brien, 2008). In this case, no new value for the market is created but instead involves a redistribution of value among suppliers, competitors, substitutes or consumers (Vaisutis, 2007). This may involve the introduction of a better product or the reduction in production or service delivery costs.

The weak form of innovation is usually incremental and evolutionary in nature and is thus less disruptive than stronger forms. Innovation and creativity are used by some people interchangeably. However, creativity is getting the great ideas, it is sort of research and development, and everybody is creative, everyone has great ideas and every firm has more great ideas than it can ever implement or bring into the market the marketplace. Creativity is the capability or act of conceiving something original or unusual (Smitz, 2004). It involves thinking up new things or concepts.

It is dreaming up a new invention and innovation is making it real in one's own unique way. However, innovation is the implementation of creativity. Innovation is taking creative ideas and bringing them into the world so that they can change lives and organizations that bring them into the world. Innovation makes creativity practical and efficient (Gore, 2001). Without creativity, there is no concept or product that needs implementation and once something new is thought up it needs innovation (Wheeler, 2008). In some instances innovation can lead to a realization of the creation being impractical and so this new creative idea may be abandoned and a new creative idea may be born thus innovation may lead to creativity.

Thus innovation is giving a new direction to an existing idea (McFarlane, Mayer, and Bertrand, 1999). Creativity is vital for innovation for a product that must exist at least in a concept stage for you cannot innovate anything that does not exist. Thus innovation depends on creativity but creativity does not depend on innovation. However, the better success of creativity depends on innovation.

Thus, creativity and innovation are interdependent and therefore innovation in event management requires creativity.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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