Essays on Networking Events and How They Can Be Integrated in Workflows Essay

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The paper "Networking Events and How They Can Be Integrated into Workflows" is an outstanding example of a coursework on business. Events play a crucial role in facilitating the process of networking for any individual or organization. There are a number of numerous events that can assist an organization to achieve its goal of networking. However, different events have different suitability to certain goals of networking and this requires that a business identifies the appropriate events that best suit its needs to network. My organization is involved in networking functions for the main goal of getting in touch with people having problems with paying their debts.

The organization targets three specific groups of events that will best ensure that the business achieves its main objective of getting referrals from its acquaintances (Misner, 2009, p. 12). Some of the appropriate networking events that can be integrated into workflows within the company will include: Simply networkingThis involves meeting that is exclusively for networking purposes (Port, 2011, p. 22). There are a number of organizations that offer such services where a large number of businesspeople are congregated in one place and given a chance to meet each other and even create contacts.

Such events have minimal distractions or commitments because they aim at creating an environment where business people can create contacts with people of their choices without the interruptions from any other activities apart from networking. The company will integrate such an event in its workflow by identifying events that have a large number of people so as to increase the probability of meeting business persons who have problems with clearing their debts or has the potential of referring the business to our target clients.

Such events require the use of connectors who know a lot of people and have the ability to bring up people together into such meetings (Port, 2011, p. 29). The connector will mainly be involved with creating contacts and taking records of the contacts that will be used for one to one meetings later on after the event. The company will ensure that contact details are stored in the organizational system so as to make it easy when making arrangements to meet the referrals. Simply diningSimply dining includes events with a relatively small number of people who meet over a two-course meal.

Such events provide our company with the opportunity of having adequate time for networking both before and after meals. The company will have a record of all the dining events around the proximity of the business premises and even in neighboring towns. Mavens will be involved in collecting information on the venues of the networking events and will also collect details of contacts of the company at the events.

The company will use such information in identifying the specific needs of the clients and designing the appropriate course of action that will satisfy the client.     Simply networking extraEvents aimed at presenting more information to target audiences during the process of networking (Misner, 2009, p. 32). The company will assign salesmen who will have the task of persuading potential clients into seeking the services of our company. This will involve the salesmen providing comprehensive information on the achievements of the company in clearing debts of its clients and how much clients have benefited from the company.

The company will then be required to provide performance statements with referees to the target client after the event. The referees will include clients that have already received the services of the company.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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