Essays on Impacts of Globalization and Regional Economic Integration on Abu Dhabi Ports Company Case Study

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The paper "Impacts of Globalization and Regional Economic Integration on Abu Dhabi Ports Company" is a great example of a case study on macro and microeconomics. Globalization is one of the most significant events that have happened in recent times. Today, the world is viewed as a global village thanks to the globalization phenomenon that has occurred over the past few decades (Kehoe 1). One of the most significant effects of globalization is that it has resulted in the mass integration of regional economies. These two related phenomena have had a huge impact on businesses.

Abu Dhabi Ports Company is an example of companies whose operations have been greatly affected by globalization and the integration of regional economies. According to the company executives, globalization and integration of regional economies have affected the operations of the company both positively and negatively as it has not only opened up new market opportunities for the firm but also increased the level of competition in the market. This essay will begin by explaining the concepts of globalization and regional economic integration. It will proceed to discuss the various ways in which globalization and regional economic integration have affected the operations of Abu Dhabi Ports Company's operations. Concept of Globalization Globalization is a complex concept that has different meanings.

Different scholars and academicians define the concept differently. Kehoe defines globalization as the integration of work economies, people, and governments (1). Global Security, however, defines globalization as the integration and interaction processes among firms, individuals, and governments of different nations driven by foreign trade, information technology, and investments (par. 2). From the two definitions, it becomes clear that globalization is the process by which economies, trade, investment, and finance are integrated as different firms, government and people come together. Although many people think that globalization is a new thing, evidence shows that is a process that began several years ago.

According to Kehoe, since thousands of years ago, people and companies have been buying and selling goods to each other in regions that are far apart (2). Kehoe shows that, for thousands of years, companies and individuals have been investing in enterprises in other nations other than their own country (4).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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