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Case Study

How Geographical Location Affects Intermodal Transport
The paper “How Geographical Location Affects Intermodal Transport” is a convincing example of a business case study. Transport is an essential component in logistics because it carries the bulk of logistics costs. However, effective management of transportation costs can give an organization a competitive edge in the global market.…
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The Theory of Constraints - Application of Tools
The paper “The Theory of Constraints - Application of Tools” is a valuable example of a business case study. Business entities’ performance is based on the achievement of their set goals and objectives. Although it is necessary to set goals as high and as real as possible, sometimes there are limiting factors to register sterling performance.…
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Business Ethics and Corporate Governance: Bank of Africa

The paper "Business Ethics and Corporate Governance: Bank of Africa" is a perfect example of a case study on business. Businesses are influenced by the decisions and conducts of the executives. Corporate governance defines the business culture, risk-taking behavior, and compliance with the organizational policies.

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Comparison between Jimmy Jazz and Marks and Spencer Business
The paper “Comparison between Jimmy Jazz and Marks and Spencer Business” is a cogent example of a business case study. An operating system is often defined as a system wherein a number of activities are carried out so that a complete set of input can be transformed into a useful output with the help of a transformation process.…
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International Business Strategy for British Petroleum Plc
The paper “International Business Strategy for British Petroleum Plc” is a worthy example of a business case study. BP plc is the third-largest oil and Gas Company that was formed as a merger between Amoco Corporation and British Petroleum Company to form BP plc (Li, et al. 2014). The company operates from 29 countries and has its products across the globe in over 100 countries.…
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The Coca Cola Company - Leadership That Gets Result
The paper “The Coca Cola Company - Leadership That Gets Result ” is an inspiring example of a business case study. The Coca-Cola Company is an organization that makes soda drinks. It is recognized by millions of people all around the globe. The organization turned into the best endeavor on the planet by selling 1.3 billion soda pops each day.…
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Business Failure and Systematic Multi-Level Root Cause Analysis
The paper “Business Failure and Systematic Multi-Level Root Cause Analysis” is a great example of a business case study. The term business failure denotes a situation whereby a company is forced to halt its business activities and operations because it can no longer make any substantial profit or even generate adequate income to cater to its basic business needs and expenses.…
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Nokia - the Failure of a Business
The paper “Nokia - the Failure of a Business” is a helpful example of a business case study. Companies, including start-ups, fail for one reason or the other. In fact, 90 % of all start-ups fail (Balcaen & Ooghe, 2006). Nokia is one such company that failed after a good run in business in the mobile phone industry.…
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Ethical and Legal Issues Surrounding Solyndra Company
The paper “Ethical and Legal Issues Surrounding Solyndra Company” is a forceful example of a business case study. Solyndra was a solar manufacturing company based in Fremont California. It manufactured cylindrical solar panels which were made of copper, indium, and gallium selenide thin-film solar cells.…
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Business Failure Analysis - Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy
The paper “Business Failure Analysis - Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy” is a forceful example of a business case study. The survival of organizations today increasingly depends on their capability to adapt quickly and to undergo effectively various internal and external changes. Financial and economic crises are referred to the extreme form of change, whereas the company has a limited set of alternatives.…
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Innovation and Renovation at the Nespresso Story
The paper “Innovation and Renovation at the Nespresso Story” is a useful example of a business case study. Today’s dynamic business environment demands that firms formulate strategic plans that have particular merits which relate to both internal factors and external factors. As such, the strategic plan should act as a tool for aligning different strategic objectives in a balanced manner.…
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E-Commerce Platforms Amazon and eBay
The paper "E-Commerce Platforms Amazon and eBay" is an outstanding example of an e-commerce case study. This report is about the detailed assessment of two well-known e-Commerce platforms and In this scenario, I will check the working and performance of these two web-based platforms with respect to different factors such as Ubiquity, Global Reach, Universal Standards, Richness.…
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Micro and Macro Environments Affecting the Organization Behaviour - KSV Market
The paper "Micro and Macro Environments Affecting the Organization Behaviour - KSV Market" is a perfect example of an e-commerce case study. Product promotion strategies- it is very important for an organization to understand how to promote its product. A customer on the other hand needs to understand how certain products work.…
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Electronic Commerce and Stakeholders - Victorias Secret
The paper "Electronic Commerce and Stakeholders - Victoria’s Secret " is a perfect example of an e-commerce case study. Victoria’s secret deals with the supply of lingerie. It began its operations in 1977 June. Roy Raymond, an alumnus of Tufts University and a graduate of Stanford University, is the founder of the company.…
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E-commerce - Coles
The paper "E-commerce - Coles" is a perfect example of an e-commerce case study. E-commerce has taken root in the current economy all over the world. More transactions are happening online where an exchange of value is involved. Merchants have been forced to adopt some e-commerce models such as business to customer to eliminate the links to consumers and increase sales which in turn affect profits.…
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E-Commerce and Future Expansion Plans for K&T
The paper “E-Commerce and Future Expansion Plans for K&T” is an excellent variant of a case study on e-commerce. E-commerce is an approach that has been widely applied by many companies and more so for the small companies that are seeking to expand their operations in the global market. K&T is a small company that has plans of expanding its operations in other larger cities around the globe.…
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E-Procurement and E-Commerce at General Motors
The paper "E-Procurement and E-Commerce at General Motors " is a wonderful example of a case study on e0commerce. General Motors has several characteristics that enhance its fit for e-business, in this case, e-procurement and e-commerce, providing a workable example of how both e-commerce and e-procurement have reshaped manufacturing in the United States.…
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Creating a New Internet Business
The paper “Creating a New Internet Business” is a spectacular example of an e-commerce case study. Electronic commerce is a type of business activity where the buyer and seller communicate via the internet. It is one of the emerging market trends in the recent world. The seller and buyer exchange the goods through the internet with no hindrance.…
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Ways in Which the Oxford Business College May Benefit from E-Commerce
The paper “Ways in Which the Oxford Business College May Benefit from E-Commerce ” is an engrossing example of the e-commerce case study. Oxford Business College is one of the most dedicated Business Schools in the entire European region. The College is dedicated to the provision of effective and efficient business as well as entrepreneurial knowledge. …
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Consumer Attitude toward Online Shopping
The paper “Consumer Attitude toward Online Shopping” is a creative example of an e-commerce case study. Online shopping is a new phenomenon in the world market. The inception of online shopping came about with the rise in e-commerce through globalization. Online shopping is a platform that enables consumers of products and services to make purchases.…
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E-Commerce Companys Analysis - Amazon
The paper "E-Commerce Company’s Analysis - Amazon" is a perfect example of an e-commerce case study. is amongst the largest online stores globally. Thus, the biggest challenge that this company faces, as the largest e-commerce business, is reliability. This implies that even the smallest amount of outage has substantial financial corollaries and impacts on customers.…
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Electronic Ticketing for Stagecoach UK Bus
The paper "Electronic Ticketing for Stagecoach UK Bus" is a perfect example of a case study on e-commerce. E-commerce, the activity of trading in goods and services over the Internet, has revolutionized the way British and other companies around the world do business and interact with their customers (Frieden & Roche, 2006).…
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Synergies in Mergers and Acquisitions - Ford Acquisition of Mazda
The paper “Synergies in Mergers and Acquisitions - Ford Acquisition of Mazda” is a dramatic example of a business case study. Technological changes and forces of globalization have contributed to a highly dynamic and competitive world of business that has forced firms to proactively seek different means of remaining competitive while increasing shareholder value, wealth, and firms' cash flows.…
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Cloud Attribute Correlations in Driving Business Efficiency
The paper “Cloud Attribute Correlations in Driving Business Efficiency” is a perfect example of a business case study. Cloud services allow organizations to scale their investments with the view of achieving growth, competitiveness, and meeting customer needs. At least five key cloud attributes are used interchangeably to innovate, optimize and disrupt their operations.…
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E-Bay: Online Platform for Business
The paper "E-Bay: Online Platform for Business" is a wonderful example of a case study on e-commerce. E-commerce is continuing to grow. Experts warn that the online auction concept may be defining a totally new and unique distribution alternative due to continuous growth in electronic commerce. This study will examine the e-commerce phenomenon and will focus on e-Bay, an online platform for business.…
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