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Case Study Examples

Order Fullfilment and Supply Chain in E-Commerce
The paper "Order Fullfilment and Supply Chain in E-Commerce" is an outstanding example of an e-commerce case study. E-Commerce is doing business online electronically. The common process involved in online retailing includes accepting and processing real-time orders and same-day delivery. The study found that business organisations participating in E-Commerce must build their reputation through quality and timely delivery of goods.…
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DHL Supply Chain Management
The paper 'DHL Supply Chain Management" is a good example of a management case study. The group reports begin by giving the background information on DHL Company which they were to design seven-step modeling in order to solve the problem which they were facing and achieve their objectives. The group stated clearly that DHL is a Dutch company that is involved in post services and parcel delivery.…
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International Marketing - Apple
The paper "International Marketing - Apple" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. The aim of diffusing products to an overseas market is to increase the share of the product market and increase returns on the balance sheet. International marketing engrosses the recognition of the fact that people across the globe have different needs and preferences.…
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Michael Jenkins Restaurant
The paper 'Michael Jenkins Restaurant" is a good example of a management case study. As a business orientation pulls all the capital resources at disposal towards the motivation to invest, the restaurant is one of the best businesses in modern society. As Michael Jenkins aims are concerned, the most important factor is having perfect knowledge about the market.…
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Housekeeping Service Company - Intellectual Property
The paper "Housekeeping Service Company - Intellectual Property" is a perfect example of a business case study. It is essential for the Housekeeping Service Company to highlight the benefits of adopting innovation in its business plan. According to Komninos (2013), innovation is a critical component of the business plan.…
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AGL Energy Company - Business Valuation and Financial Analysis
The paper "AGL Energy Company - Business Valuation and Financial Analysis" is a perfect example of a business case study. In determining the forecast of AGL Energy Company, it is very important to study the trend of the financial performance of the previous five years. This will outline the outlook of the future performance of the company.…
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Clear Sound Technology
The paper "Clear Sound Technology" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. The improvement in information technology has made work easier and effective. Many technologies that assist humans in doing almost everyday tasks have been innovated and implemented. Sound affects almost every aspect of human life.…
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Managing under Uncertainty - Erin Brockovich
The paper 'Managing under Uncertainty - Erin Brockovich " is a good example of a management case study. This report analyzes the case study of Erin Brockovich where it looks to analyze the different perspective of decision making and the manner in which decisions were taken within the organization. The analysis will help to develop an insight based on different perspectives.…
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Management of Trisco Company
The paper "Management of Trisco Company " is a perfect example of a management research case study. Trisco organization is an organization focusing on syrup processing, the organization is a fair trade organization committed to bringing about excellent production results. Reaching out to employees is an indication that Trisco is concerned about the well-being of its workforce.…
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Business Models and Organisation Structure
The paper "Business Models and Organisation Structure" is an outstanding example of a business case study. In the recent past “R” Us have been enjoying a large market share but this has changed in the past few years. The recent years have seen the competitors taken some of their market shares. The company sales have reduced and have been taking less than 20% of the total market share.…
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Strategic Analysis - Harper Collins Publishers Company
The paper "Strategic Analysis - Harper Collins Publishers Company" is a perfect example of a business case study. HarperCollins Publishers was established in 1819 by William Collins and Charles Chalmers in Glasgow. The company had to prevail over several early hindrances and Charles left the business in 1825.…
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The Temper Tinglary SOHO Art Gallery
The paper "The Temper Tinglary SOHO Art Gallery " is a perfect example of a business case study. According to the current situation facing the SOHO Art Gallery, there is an imminent need to explore the Shire region. However, it is clear that the company has no information about the market opportunity in the Shire and its environs.…
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HRM Capability and Effectiveness Analysis - People In Aid
Generally, the paper 'HRM Capability and Effectiveness Analysis - People In Aid " is a good example of a human resources essay. The human resources management (HRM) function within the organizations is considered as an ultimate location where security management and legislative policies are implemented.…
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Internal and External Environment of News Limited
The paper "Internal and External Environment of News Limited " is a perfect example of a business case study. This report critically analyses both the internal and external environment of News Limited using the analytical tools: SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five Forces model. The analysis considers the changes and challenges that News Limited faces in the Newspapers and Information Services industries.…
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Application of Assessment Criteria - Billabong International Limited
The paper "Application of Assessment Criteria - Billabong International Limited " is a perfect example of a finance and accounting case study. The need for businesses to operate in a sound financial environment cannot be underrated. It is due to this factor that directors and business managers have been forced to accurately to ensure that books of accounts are well maintained since they are a crucial tool in financial analysis.…
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Performance Management and Appraisal - Coca-Cola Company
The paper 'Performance Management and Appraisal - Coca-Cola Company" is a good example of a management case study. Employee performance and appraisal management, regardless of division or industry, has for a long while been a debatable matter (Bacal, 2006). Although many support the good quality of performance management and appraisal systems for supporting the effort of an employee.…
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Application of Performance Management and Appraisals in the Emirates Airline
The paper 'Application of Performance Management and Appraisals in the Emirates Airline" is a good example of a management case study. Performance management and appraisal are concepts of human resource management that have been used by various organizations in their daily operations. Performance appraisal is a powerful tool that is aimed at ensuring the smooth operations of the organization.…
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External Analysis of XYZ Aged Care
The paper "External Analysis of XYZ Aged Care " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. Understanding the external analysis of XYZ Aged Care will help to understand the manner in which the external environment influences the working of the organization in the industry and strategies that XYZ Aged Care needs to formulate to ensure proper growth of the organization.…
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Mountine Vitamin Watere - Marketing Forecast
The paper "Mountine Vitamin Watere - Marketing Forecast" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. Mountine Vitamin Watere which is looking towards launching a new health drink which is rich in vitamin should look towards the different areas which will help them to ensure that the product is accepted by the people of Jordan & Dubai.…
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Group Business - Qantas Airways
Generally, the paper "Group Business - Qantas Airways " is a perfect example of a business case study. Qantas Airways was formed in November 1920 as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (Qantas 2011) and is one of Australia’s strongest brands and world-leading long-distance airlines.…
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Alma-Rosina Hair Salons Business
The paper "Alma-Rosina Hair Salons Business" is a perfect example of a business case study. Our team is a combination of executives with extensive backgrounds in managing and developing successful online businesses, internet industries and staff who will be involved in site design, media programming and business development.…
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Aquarius Advertising Agency - Organization Structure
The paper 'Aquarius Advertising Agency - Organization Structure" is a good example of a management case study. Aquarius Advertising Agency is in a dilemma. Its traditional organizational structure does not allow organizational effectiveness or efficiency; there is a conflict of interest in performing the functions in the organization.…
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Industrial Relations at British Airways
The paper "Industrial Relations at British Airways " is a perfect example of a business case study. The airline sector in Europe has experienced fast growth within the last 20 years. However, it has also been characterized by a lot of instabilities. The main of these have for instance included progressive liberalization. Because of this, there has been the rise of many low-cost carriers (Cento 2009).…
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Comparative Analysis of Westpac and BHP Company
The paper "Comparative Analysis of Westpac and BHP Company" is a perfect example of a business case study. Profit maximization in financial institutions has been the subject of importance and ongoing debate in the corporate world. There are mixed opinions as to whether banks are making excessive profits.…
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Industrial Relations Pressures of Saudi Arabian Airlines
The paper 'Industrial Relations Pressures of Saudi Arabian Airlines" is a good example of a management case study. Saudi Arabian Airlines is the biggest Middle East region carrier carrying over 20 million passengers per year. The airlines are a complex unit that serves the larger Saudi Arabian Kingdom with commercial and public service responsibility.…
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