Essays on According To Kizlik (2014), objectives That Are Used In Education, Whether They Are Called Learning Coursework

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Educational Objectives in Health Provision Health providers, nurses in particular, always have to design programs that are aimed at educating the community; the patients and their various families. These objectives can either be long term or short term. The relevance of such programs is in the creation of awareness to the community on different health issues. The objectives formulated by the health must comply with Kizlik (2014) idea that objectives are terms that refer to descriptions of observable behavior that are used to make the judgment about learning. In designing the educational objectives that articulate the needs of both the patients and the families, Kizlik’s postulate of condition, verb and criteria parts of the objective must be strictly adhered to.

All the three parts of the objective must be flexible, doable and achievable by the patient. Health providers must also consider engaging the patient and the family to take part in formulation of the educational program objectives. By engaging the community, the health providers open up the avenue for obtaining the real situations on the ground. For example, if the educational program was intended to change the behavior of the patient, the family must be involved since they will be with the patient most of the time.

In the case of changing the behavior of the whole community, the health providers would want to come up realistic and achievable objective. This is where the community comes in; both the directly affected and the indirectly affected groups. Nurses must, therefore, establish the main behavior problems by inviting the suggestions of the community. This way, the educational objectives shall be relevant and attainable. ReferenceKizlik, B.

(2014). How to Write Learning Objectives that Meet Demanding Behavioral Criteria. Retrieved from http: //www. adprima. com/objectives. htm

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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