A Guide to Finding and Using Quality College Application Essay Examples

Finally, you are done with high school and cannot wait for the next stage of your life. The time spent in college will without a doubt be the best years of your life. But first thing’s first, you need actually to get admitted. The most important step in this process is writing an outstanding application. However, if you have already started, you know better than anyone else how challenging it can be. Below is a guide that should help you find great sample college admission essays for inspiration and tips on how to use them to write your own cover letter.

What Is a College Application Essay?

Contrary to popular belief, these articles are not the same as autobiographies. Everything from the purpose and tone, to the format and flow, is different. College admission essays are written as a complement to standard application forms. They are also known as cover letters and are what will set you apart from other applicants with similar credentials and school performance ratings.

With so much riding on this one document, you cannot afford to get it wrong. Fortunately, if you do not know where to start, you can look up a high school or college graduate admissions essay sample from our website. These examples come in handy in some ways.

What Do College Admission Essay Examples Have To Offer?

With so many websites online offering access to college application essay examples, it is only natural to wonder why anyone would need one. Here are three main reasons for ordering these essay samples from our website.

Firstly, to get professional assistance in understanding the college application essay topics. Your success when writing a college application article will be determined greatly by how well you understand the topic. Say you choose to write about adversity in your past and how you overcame the trials. It may seem like a pretty simple and straightforward topic, but it is one that people often approach the wrong way. Reviewing a variety of admission essay examples gives you a better idea of how to handle the subject matter for a better cover letter.

Secondly, is to get an idea of proper content flow. Another common challenge that a good admission essay sample will help solve is that of understanding content flow. These should feature the perfect balance between formality and discernable personality. Finding the balance might be difficult to pull out of thin air without experience. So it is best to delegate the service to experts.

Thirdly, is to figure out the required structure. Finally, you may want to go through a college application letter example or a sample essay for graduate school admission to figure out the structure. For the most part, this type of article doesn’t have any strict rules on structure and format. However, there are unspoken rules on how the work should be organized. The best way to understand these guidelines would be to see them in action on actual application letters. Order your sample today from our wonderful establishment for an articulate admission sample. 

How to Find High-Quality College Admission Essay Examples about Yourself

You know why you need these articles, so here is how to find the right ones. The internet is practically overflowing with application essay examples. As can be expected with so much variety on one platform, there are both good and bad samples out there. It is, therefore, very important for you to take care when shopping around for college admission essay examples about yourself to learn from.

One of the best ways to ensure you get a high-quality sample essay for MBA application or any other college course is by working with reputable websites. Ours is one such website with a vast collection of college admission essay samples free and some available for sale. We also offer a variety of other college admission essay-related services including writing custom papers and proofreading your work for you.

Don’t Know What To Write About? Here Are 6 Ideas

The topic you choose to focus on when writing a college application letter will either make or break it for you. Here are a few SUNY application essay topics you could draw inspiration from.

  • Your background and life story

This is one of the most popular college admission essay topics and with good reason. Despite having the same theme, it is one of those common subjects that is very easy to personalize. To make the most out of this, simply highlight events in your life that may stand out from other applicants.

  • Your talent and why you are passionate about it

This is another one on the top of the college application essay topics list. It is a great option as it shows the reviewers that you are more than just your good grades. Whether you like to paint murals or tap dance, make sure to include this in your essay, and it should give you an edge.  

  • Unique interests

If you are looking for application essay topics for higher levels of education like grad school and doctorate programs, then this is a great idea. Unique interests are to masters and Ph.D. students what talents are to high school graduates. They help set you apart by showing that you are not all work and no play. It works even better if your interests make you a more productive member of society. It could be that you are passionate about environmental cleanups. Or maybe you are interested in the preservation of art and history. Whatever it is, it could be what gets you that last slot in the school of your dreams.

  • A major life challenge and how you faced it

Grit and perseverance are attractive qualities to have when applying to college. This is what makes adversity a staple on the good college application essay topics list. Just remember there is a fine line between an empowering tale and a sob story. You want the readers to admire you and not feel sorry for you. So if you pick this topic always have this at the back of your mind as you write. 

  • Your achievements

This is another great college application topic that could go wrong for you if you are not careful. As with the adversity example, it is important for you to pay attention to the tone you use on this topic. Again the aim is to earn admiration and not to bore your reader to death with a bragging festival.

  • Problems you want to solve and changes you hope to effect

A lot of good college application essay samples out there feature personal stories of students who want to solve a problem in society. Maybe you want to help restore forest cover by initiating and participating in reforestation activities. Or it could be that you want to create awareness about some form of social injustice. It is always a great idea to include such passions in your article to show you are an all-rounded student.

  • Your unique dreams and plans for the future

Here, let’s take the example of nursing school admission essay samples. Everyone who is applying in this field will probably have the same drive; to help people and save lives. To give yourself an edge, mention something unique like how you are interested in participating in research in a specific subspecialty in future. Those small details help you stand out from the hundreds and at times even thousands of competing applications.   

In the same way, there are six common application essay topics you can’t go wrong with; there are five college application essay topics to avoid at all costs that may cost you your application. They include:

  • Affluence and privilege

No one likes an over-privileged person, and that applies to admission boards as well. So leave out stories of how you visited exotic locations or got to meet famous people as a result of your affluence.

  • Cliché accomplishments

Personal accomplishments are a staple in admission essay topics, but they can very easily go wrong. This is especially the case if there is nothing unique about what you have achieved. This includes things like participating in sports and other co-curricular activities. To be safe, pick another topic and include these triumphs as a segment in your story. 

  • Controversial ideas

Things like politics, race, gender, sexual orientation and religion are no-go zones for college application essays. It is very easy to cross the line of offensiveness, and it is, therefore, best to avoid them altogether.

  • Lewd escapades in your past

You might think that it is a good idea to entertain your audience with a story of how messed up you were in high school. It doesn’t matter whether or not you changed; this will cost you big time. So keep that drinking spree and arrest record of your essay.

  • Role models

The problem with tackling your role model in a personal essay for college application sample article is the fact that the reviewing panel tends to focus more on the role model than the student. You do not want to make this mistake.

Use Our College Application Essay Samples for That Crucial Application

Visit our website today and get more help with your college application. We have a wide variety of college admission essay examples for you to browse and learn from. You also get access to experienced writing experts ready to do all the writing for you.

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