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Essays on An Interest in Post Graduate Education at Various Levels, Main Factors Posing a Challenge to Postgraduate Education Essay

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The paper “ An Interest in Post Graduate Education at Various Levels, Main Factors Posing a Challenge to Postgraduate Education” is a   forceful example of an essay on education. The role of postgraduate reduction in shaping society and changing the way things are done cannot be ignored. The role of postgraduate education becomes a key component and an influential part of society. It will be noted that each person will have their own points to consider in looking at the choices they have for their postgraduate courses (Swan & Trawick 1981). Some people will opt to advance their bachelor's and master’ s levels while others may choose a slightly different field of study.

However, the thing that may be adequately demonstrated is that there high possibility that the prospective student will have some level of interest in the subject of study. In other words, it may not necessarily be a completely strange thing to them. This study attempts to demonstrate how individuals make their choices of postgraduate education. In doing so, various weight parameters are put into the scale and the factors that each person looks at are gauged to try and determine how far the influence of these factors goes. The value attached to education has for long been debated and people have seriously considered taking postgraduate studies as a way of enriching various aspects of their lives.

Whatever the motivation, one factor that may be underlined is that the demand for postgraduate studies has risen and is likely to rise even further and the reasons for which people undertake postgraduate studies are also be guided by a long list of factors. These factors will be closely looked into this analysis as a way of giving insight into the subject of postgraduate studies.

At the same time, it will be important to gauge the level at which people will engage in postgraduate studies and the reasons why they may favor some courses over others or why (Townley 2001). To some extent making a choice as to which course and where may not an easy task and factors such as financial status and marital engagement may all come into play when making these choices.

This paper will thus be engaged in a discussion to look into these choices available for individuals at various levels of life and what influences the making of these decisions. Viable Education Options for Individuals. Quite often, an individual goes through a process of critical thinking before settling on a given course. In some cases, it takes deliberate consultations with various stakeholders in order to make informed choices. This subject can be best looked into by looking at some options that an individual may have against all other factors that he needs to consider (Sohail& Saeed 2003)If, for instance, an individual wishes to study a master’ s degree in Business Management (MBA) at Central Queensland University (CQU) what are some of the challenges and options he or she may need to explore?

Firstly, he would be assured of getting quality education given that this is one of the most reputable Universities in Australia. This then widens an individual’ s employability and opportunities. Further, the individual has an opportunity to choose between distance learning which makes it more appealing to students from overseas.

Financially the course will cost him about fourteen thousand Australian Dollars (UAD $ 14,00). The institute offers a wide range of options that and the individual may pursue which include; General Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Information Systems, International; Management Accounting, Marketing Management, Tourism, Public Sector Management, Quality Management and Health Services Management. Course duration at CQU ranges from 18 months to three years and there is also an opportunity of enrolling in evening or daytime courses.    

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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