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1.0 IntroductionTourism brings immerse benefits and complexities to a country. Tourism can be viewed in different perspectives in terms of what motivates the tourists to visit a given location, why they participate in a given activity and why they enjoy the facilities and food that are provided. One of these festivals is the Winter Wine Weekend is an annual festival that takes place during the winter and held in Mornington Peninsula Vignerons, Victoria, Australia (Mornington Peninsula Vignerons 2009). The festival usually concedes with the Queens Birthday Weekend and usually spans a fully weekend during the month of June.

Food and drinks are important components in any festival and the main aim of the Winter Wine Weekend is to sample a variety of food and wines. Some of the foods that they offer include cassoulet, terrines, paella and seafood chowder. The location has more than 50 wineries that produce more that 200-premium variety of wines that include Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Pinot Gris (Mornington Peninsula Vignerons 2009). This annual event is traced back to 1987, when it was incepted (Visit Vineyards 2009).

This attributed to the fact that this time is immediately after they have harvested their vines. Moreover, the festival brings into focus various activities e. g. seminars for wine tasting. The opening event is commonly termed as the Winter Wine Fest at takes place on Saturday between 11 am to 4 pm (Visit Vineyards 2009). This event is usually a tourist attraction facility in which it is open to all people who wants to visit and enjoy the festivals. Therefore, the aim of this report is to analyse the Winter Wine Weekend.

The report also discusses the context of the event brining into consideration the planning, human resources, marketing of the event, financial assistance, legal and risk management and evaluation of the entire festivity. 2.0 Context2.1 Role of the Festivals in the RegionThe main activity that brings many people within this area is wine. The appeal for wineries, wine shows and vineyards has brought many tourists, improving the position of Victoria relative to the rest of the country in terms of tourist destination. Moreover, the unique activities that take place, which includes drinks, food and songs, have played a major role in ‘pulling’ the customers to the festivities.

2.2 Push and Pull factors of the FestivalIn most cases, there are reasons that a given destination offers so that visitors can visit. These factors can be defined as the push and pull factors. Push factors are those reasons that makes the visitors to visit the Winter Wine Weekend whole the pull factors are those factors that are developed by the organisers of the event to attract more visitors (Visit Vineyards 2009).

Some of the push factors are cultural exploration, event novelty and socialisation. These factors make visitors to visit the location. On the other hand, the pull factors diversity in the products that are offered, discounted ticket sales, a variety of activities and flexibility of visiting many places within Mornington Peninsula. 2.3 History and Contemporary Importance Any festivity or activity is traced back to events that are associated with the community, cultural activities or economical factors of a given place. Winter Wine Weekend since its inception in 1987 and has been associated with the Queen Birthday and it usually takes place during the Queen Weekend (Visit Vineyards 2009).

Moreover, the festival takes place within Mornington Peninsula in which wine ingredients and raw materials are harvested and usually takes place after the harvesting period. In addition, the festival improves the position of Mornington Peninsula has a wine region are enables of its marketing has a place and producer of high quality, cool climate and maritime wines (Weiler et al 2004). The community embraces the activity; this is illustrated by the diverse wine producers’ participation in the event.

The wineries and organisers ensure that the best quality of wine, food and songs are offered to the visitors ensuring that the visitors will have positive view towards the activities and services that are offered by the Peninsula community.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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