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Finance is an important part of any organization, concerned with assets, liabilities, and investments, and managing these forms of money in an atmosphere of uncertainty and risk. It is divided into three major sub-domains, i.e., personal finance, public finance, and corporate finance. A career in finance is one of the most lucrative in the world, and specializing into a CFA, stockbroker, tax manager, investment manager, risk manager, and the other numerous possibilities can be profitable in the long run. The downside is that modules in finance are usually quite tough, requiring a good grasp of theory and working analytical skills in math and statistics.

For years we’ve provided students around the world with study material in accounting and finance, and a whole range of finance essay topics for those who lack ideas for their own writing.

These are also relevant to the current times, therefore expect to see ongoing corporate case studies, commentary from the movers and shakers, buzzwords such as “bitcoin” and “blockchain,” and expert essays from different sub-disciplines of both finance and accounting.

Accounting Essay Topics and Original Samples

Accounting is similar to finance in many respects, although less limited in scope. As a future CPA or ACCA, you have to be prepared for tough exams, and an even tougher learning environment. We provide plenty of accounting essay topics covering areas such as tax analysis, risk management, information systems, auditing, budget analysis, forensic accounting, and financial analysis, among other core modules. We offer revision materials for all these essential topics, and you can also access an account essay example or a worked sample for each of these.

Some of the essays we have worked on in the domains of either finance or accounting include:

  • Why good financial decisions are crucial for startups to survive.
  • External audits internal audits.
  • How did Jim Simons a professional mathematician make $15B on Wall Street?
  • Should the SEC regulate investor funding in Silicon Valley after Elizabeth Holmes lost investors almost $1B on the pitch of a non-existent product?
  • How does Tesla manage to stay afloat and maintain production schedules with current concerns of burning rapidly through cash and zero profits in sight for the near future?
  • What would theoretically happen if the US government stopped borrowing more cash from the Federal Reserve to sustain spending needs not catered for by taxes? Would the debt ceiling collapse?

We have original examples and samples, and we also cater to one-on-one student needs wherever possible. All it takes is a call or email to our team who will pick up your request and get you back on track to great grades!

Essays for “Finance & Accounting”

Ratios case
Case on Ratio Analysis Question one The of the company under review is the Texas Instruments Inc known as TXN on the market. The company’s financial year-end is at December 31 of each year. 17141000 dollars as at the end of the financial year marked…
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Financial Management Challenges a Ethics
Financial Management Challenges a Ethics 1st article: Ţaicu, M. . Ethics in management accounting. Scientific Bulletin – Economic Sciences, 9 (15). 93-98. Non-compliance with professional ethical requirements is a major challenge affecting most…
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Finance and Accounting personal statement
Finance and accounting Personal ment I am interested in studying Accounting and Finance since I am convinced the course will enable me work safeguard public interest as an accountant in a global multinational company. I am aware accounting and…
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Responses to Posts al Affiliation Responses to Posts Response to Post One shares similar contentionsto the relevance of the three (3) key insights which were selected: due care in the performance of professional responsibilities, responsibilities to…
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Australian Taxation Law
 Transaction One: Receipt of $6,000 per month as scholarship amounts This is a product of the half of the income and other entitlements received by Susan as part of her agreement with the company. Since the company is paying for Susan’s MBA, the…
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Wiley GAAP Policies and Procedures
 Wiley GAAP Policies and Procedures 1) Blockbuster uses a 40 years amortization timetable. This is not appropriate, as the current practice is to relate the amortization period to the nature of the business acquired. In this case, it falls under…
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Disappointing Sales During Holiday Season
 1. One of the reasons for weak holiday sales could be the increase in gas prices. Since web sales rose steadily to $26.3 billion and did not involve gas expenses of 3$ per gallon in driving to the malls, it appears that weak store sales could…
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Don't Let Crooks Steal Your Identity: How to Protect Yourself and Your Credit Rating
Don’t Let Crooks Steal Your Identity What are several methods that crooks use to steal your identity? Some of the most basic methods that crooks could implement to steal my identity is stealing my drivers license or passport. They can easily steal my…
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Comparing the financial performance and position of two companies
Sur Supervisor Comparing financial performance of Brown-Forman and SABMiller Brown-Forman is in the business of manufacturing and marketing a variety of alcoholic beverages with its headquarter in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The company employs 4200…
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Case: Strategic & operational Performance Indicators
Finance and Accounting Finance and Accounting Guidelines for the Frantour Case - BSC Please answer to the following questions in your analysis What are some key features and KSF (key success factors) of the hotel industry? Generally, the key success…
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Health Economics and Private Health Insurance Provision of health care services is one of the major responsibilities ofany government to its citizens. Over the years, the health sector in the United States (US) has received great attention with…
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A comparison between Islamic credit cards and conventional credit cards
Comparison between Islamic Credit Cards and Conventional Credit Cards Rationale/Justification: After the launch of Al-Taslif, the first Islamic Credit card (ICC) in 2002 in Malaysia by the Arab Malaysian Bank, the level of awareness and…
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Applied Econometrics
Applied econometrics Applied econometrics Inserts His/her Inserts Grade Inserts Part A a) The parameters of interest in this model are b, c, and e. the variable x and w are important because the influence the rate of crime in the boroughs The…
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Harlem The first issue is the featuring of unqualified successes in HCZ despite spending over $20,000 on each annually (Harlem Children’s Zone). The second issue is applying utility as a national model for running HCZ’s schools (Grossman and Curran…
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Evaluation of the two companies from the perspective of a potential equity investor
Supervisor’s 31 March Evaluating Google and Yahoo from the Perspective of a Potential Equity Investor Introduction Financial statements summarize information on an organization’s financial condition and meet the needs of different stakeholders.…
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Corporate Finance
How To Obtaining the Funds Needed To Keep the Company Alive and Thriving For the Next Two Grade (February 11, 2015) How to obtaining the funds needed to keep the company alive and thriving for the next two The situation faced by the CFO demand that…
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The flaw movie
The Flaw Movie Review Anyone mentioning the global financial crisis is almost sure to create a disbelieving reaction in most individuals. We are all aware of its existence, and also that things occurred like the subprime mortgages, people lost a lot…
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Finance Coursework
Finance work Task Question A client would like his rectangular courtyard of 200 square meters to be designed. The client prefers a large lawn in the middle of the courtyard. He also wants the a paved and tiled border are all round the edge of the…
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Tell us why you decided to apply to the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dear Sir/Madam, With this letter, I would hereby like to express my interest in studying at the of Wisconsin-Madison as a masters student. I completed my high school in Nanjing, China with a major in humanity due to my interest in global history,…
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Making sustainable change happen
Making Sustainable Change Happen al Affiliation) Thesis ment The finance and accounting field is regulated by the Financial Accounting and Standards Board (FASB), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and the International Accounting…
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Reforming the US corporate tax structure by switching to a territorial system
Reforming the US corporate tax structure by switching to a territorial system The tax system that is applied by USA to tax its corporate sector has an overall effect on the US economy, since it determines the total revenues that can collected from…
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Evaluate the performance of any two technical trading rules (Quantitative Analysis)
Technical trading analysis report By School Location The following report analyses the applicability of the Market Average crossover rule (MAC-O) and the Trading range breakout rule (TRB-O) with regard to analyzing stock returns based o data…
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Finance accounting homework External factors. In understanding the winery business, there are factors that affect the business either internally or externally. These factors affect the profitability of the business and some affect the management and…
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Portfolio perfomance analysis
Portfolio Performance Analysis s Affiliation Portfolio Performance Analysis Stock A has a mean of 0.39 which is the expected return of investing in a single stock held by an investor. On the other hand the standard deviation of stock A is 0.25 which…
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Complexities of the U.S. Financial System
The financial markets in the United s play an intricate role in the economy, businesses and individuals. “Financial markets help efficiently direct the flow of savings and investment in the economy in ways that facilitate the accumulation of capital…
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