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Finance is an important part of any organization, concerned with assets, liabilities, and investments, and managing these forms of money in an atmosphere of uncertainty and risk. It is divided into three major sub-domains, i.e., personal finance, public finance, and corporate finance. A career in finance is one of the most lucrative in the world, and specializing into a CFA, stockbroker, tax manager, investment manager, risk manager, and the other numerous possibilities can be profitable in the long run. The downside is that modules in finance are usually quite tough, requiring a good grasp of theory and working analytical skills in math and statistics.

For years we’ve provided students around the world with study material in accounting and finance, and a whole range of finance essay topics for those who lack ideas for their own writing.

These are also relevant to the current times, therefore expect to see ongoing corporate case studies, commentary from the movers and shakers, buzzwords such as “bitcoin” and “blockchain,” and expert essays from different sub-disciplines of both finance and accounting.

Accounting Essay Topics and Original Samples

Accounting is similar to finance in many respects, although less limited in scope. As a future CPA or ACCA, you have to be prepared for tough exams, and an even tougher learning environment. We provide plenty of accounting essay topics covering areas such as tax analysis, risk management, information systems, auditing, budget analysis, forensic accounting, and financial analysis, among other core modules. We offer revision materials for all these essential topics, and you can also access an account essay example or a worked sample for each of these.

Some of the essays we have worked on in the domains of either finance or accounting include:

  • Why good financial decisions are crucial for startups to survive.
  • External audits internal audits.
  • How did Jim Simons a professional mathematician make $15B on Wall Street?
  • Should the SEC regulate investor funding in Silicon Valley after Elizabeth Holmes lost investors almost $1B on the pitch of a non-existent product?
  • How does Tesla manage to stay afloat and maintain production schedules with current concerns of burning rapidly through cash and zero profits in sight for the near future?
  • What would theoretically happen if the US government stopped borrowing more cash from the Federal Reserve to sustain spending needs not catered for by taxes? Would the debt ceiling collapse?

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Essays for “Finance & Accounting”

Cost Concepts: Cost- Volume- Profits- Analysis
Cost- Volume- Profits- Analysis The cost-volume-profits analysis in this paper will involve the financial performance of Leggett & Platt, Incorporated. The furniture manufacturing company has recorded a poor performance in 2011 compared to 2010.…
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Smoke And Mirrors: Corporate Social Responsibility And Tax Avoidance
Sikka, P. . ‘Smoke and mirrors: corporate social responsibility and tax avoidance’, Accounting forum 34(2010), pp 153-168. Sikka focuses on identifying gaps in organisational talk, decisions and actions through outlining how companies promise…
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Discussion Board
Finance and Accounting Discussion Board of Finance and Accounting Discussion Board PepsiCo is the company that is engaged in making beverages like soft drinks, juices, pure water, tea and energy drinks. Its brands are Tropicana, Pepsi, Mountain Dew,…
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Activity-Based Costing: Is It Still Relevant
Activity-Based Costing: Is it Still Relevant? Summary: The articles talks about how the Activity-based Costing (ABC), which was developed to improve accuracy of cost-profit measurement and decision support systems, was failing to provide desired…
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What Factors That Influence Exchange Rates and How? Topic: What Factors That Influence Exchange Rates and How Introduction The health of the economy is determined by a country’s exchanging rates. However, the exchange rates are widely influenced by…
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Accounting For Managers
Outsourcing/Offshoring and Re-Verticalization 5th April Outsourcing Offshoring and Reverticalization Emergently, U.S. companies are shifting their focus from outsourcing and offshoring of their operations and subsequently relocating them to the…
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How a Firm Should Address Ethical Issues As They Relate to Managerial Accounting Ethics is a critical part of accounting more so managerial accounting. Various institutions form code of conducts to set ethical behavior that they expect for…
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The Rigorous Business Of Budgeting For International Operations
The Rigorous Business of Budgeting for International Operations SUMMARY Foreign matters have an intense effect of the budgeting activities of international firms. International organizations argue with a variety of external aspects, internal…
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How To Measure A Firm Financial Perfomance
How to Measure a Firm’s Financial Performance There are a number of ways to measure a firm’s financial performance. While there are competing theories on the matter, most analysts agree that all elements must be considered in aggregation (Helft…
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The Costs Controlling Methods
The paper "The Costs Controlling Methods" is a good example of an essay on finance and accounting. Proper bookkeeping creates notable differences in smooth operations when it comes to the administrative functions of a business organization. By getting informed of where the cash business money is coming from, an accountant can easily streamline his or her accounting activities.…
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Participation Exercise #2
Participation Exercise #2 Conducting a salary survey provides an avenue for the collection of data essential in planning, understanding the actual remuneration that one deserves on specific jobs in specific industries and easing employers in rating…
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Writers Choice
choice The primary step in evaluating various investment opportunities is preparing a list of potential projects. A capital budget enumerates the investments and projects that a company strategizes to undertake during future years. Theoretical…
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Financial Condition Analysis Concerns
Financial Condition Analysis Concerns Financial Condition Analysis Concerns There are several general problems that must be addressed in doing ratio analysis for government financial condition analysis. First, it is imperative to evaluate various…
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Discuss The Rationale Of The Payment Method And Risk Sharing Under Capitation
Rationale of Payment Method and Risk Sharing Under Capitation Affiliation: Insurance companies such as MCOs, Blue Cross/BlueShield, and the government are classified as third party payers with the patient and the providers being the other two…
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Article Review
Betting on the blind side In the article, Michael Lewis talks about a younger investor, Michael Burry because of his blindness, viewed the world in a different manner. In 2004, Michael Burry decided to invest in huge bubble and subprime mortgage…
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Ebay and Amazon are two of the largest online retailers in the world. In order to compare the financial performance of both these companies a ratio analysis of its financial statements was calculated. The ratio analysis is illustrated in the table…
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Governmental, Proprietary, and Fiduciary Funds
The paper "Governmental, Proprietary, and Fiduciary Funds" is a good example of an essay on finance and accounting. Governmental funds - These are funds that are regarded as being used for typical governmental functions and they include the following. A debt-service fund is a form of a government fund that is fully devoted to the repayment of debt.…
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Managing Meal Costs: Variance Generation, Analysis, And Interpretation
Instruction: Task: Managing meal costs. Due to decline in the number of people who regularly eat out it has become necessary for restaurants to manage the cost of preparing meals and ensure that they make maximum profits. In minimizing the cost of…
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Is It a Good Idea to Hold Good Stocks Even if the Overall Market Is Overvalued
The paper "Is It a Good Idea to Hold Good Stocks Even if the Overall Market Is Overvalued" is a delightful example of an assignment on finance and accounting. Keep holding and do nothing. As the paper tells, the current stock seems to be doing great and against the earlier projections in the market over the years.…
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Inventories and Cost of Goods Sold
The paper "Inventories and Cost of Goods Sold" is a great example of an essay on finance and accounting. Students face difficulty in understanding the difference between the physical flow of inventory and the cost flow assumption because the cash flow does not consider taxes in its computations unlike the physical flow of inventory.…
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Accounting For Managers
Relevance of a Budget to an Organization s 14th April Relevance of a Budget to an Organization According to Reimers (2007), financial planning in an organization is underpinned with effective budgeting tools and in this regard he defined a budget as…
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Basel III Is A Global Standard Of Banking Regulation. Do You Think That Basel III Can Make The
Basel III: A global standard of banking regulation Basel III is a global standard of banking regulation Basel III is the result of global financial crisis happened in 2008, where it gives a chance to a basic reformation of the risk and regulation…
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