Essays on Analysis Of Comunication Skill Coursework

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Analysis of Communication skills Effective communication is particularly vital in politics and policy. There is a story once told of a high-school student who asked a politician what she needed to study to become a politician and the politician responded by telling him that all she needed is to study and understand English. Politics of making a significant contribution to the lives of people succeeds only if an individual makes himself/herself understood. The two most significant communications skills in politics and policy are the ability to speak clearly and ability to persuade (Mason et al. , 2011).

In almost all instances, an audience is least interested in listening to a speech that is read than delivered in a manner that is clear and a spur-of-the-moment. It is essential for an individual to have well thought out words and speak clearly (Nannini, 2009). Slurring words and letting words fade would make it difficult for the audience to hear the priority issues on child obesity. Speaking clearly would show the congressmen that an individual is confident with what he or she is talking about and would believe what he or she has to say.

The ability to persuade forms part of communication skills that are essential in politics and policy. The ability to persuade is possibly the most significant aspect of an effective communication (Nannini, 2009). When talking to Congressmen, it would not be worth the time to command them to implement the priority issues in childhood obesity. By engaging the congressmen in the speech or communication, creates personal relationships and it is easy to persuade them on the issues that one has to present.

Notably, it is essential to apprehend that the secret to policy and politics is effective communication, not just notching a few rhetorical points. ReferencesMason, D. J., Leavitt, J. K., & Chaffee, M. W. (Eds. ) (2011). Policy & politics in nursing and healthcare (6th ed. ). St. Louis, MO: Saunders Elsevier. Nannini, A. (2009). The health policy pathfinder: An innovative strategy to explore interest group politics. Journal of Nursing Education, 48(10), 588–591. doi: 10.3928/0148483420090828-03.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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