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The paper “ Analysis of the Marketing Survey Conducted for AAA-Events Limited” is an affecting variant of research paper on marketing. According to Houtkoop-Steenstra (2000), survey interviewing is an important source of data. Likewise, this author says that the state of the survey through flexible interviewing is reliant on standardization. Standardization is important to get more reliable data. This consequently would generate sound synthesis, conclusion, and recommendation. This will be the basic principle that will be adopted in the conduct of a marketing survey for AAA-Events Limited. This is a wedding and private parties company planning to open their office in the Ealing Area, South Ealing Road, London.

The feasibility of putting up a market outlet in this populated area will be determined. After the completion of the survey and analysis, the result of this survey will be a very crucial component of the marketing study that this company is conducting. After a thorough analysis, generalizations about the population based on the sample will be conducted. If this survey for AAA-Events limited turned out to be successful, the survey method adopted in this case will be proven to be a powerful tool to determine the market needs in the Ealing area of London. The process of marketing the product or service can be also determined by the survey method.

Based on the feedback from the respondents, ample information can be gathered with regards to how to market the products and services. This survey will help in learning more about the target market. Their preferences are crucial in coming up with the more appropriate products or services that this target market needs. It will be difficult for firms like AAA-Events Limited to differentiate their products and services on the basis of functional attributes alone.

In this sense, they can simply get insights from the promotional strategies of identical products and services and take advantage of their value. This has resulted in products and services that have become functionally more similar to each other (Phau and Lau, 2000). Consequently, products and services that are only based on the functional attributes have met critical limitations. Analysis of the Marketing Survey Conducted for the AAA-Events LimitedTo conduct a marketing survey for the AAA-Events Unlimited, the current situation in the market on the industry status of private party services and products was analyzed.

To determine this, the most logical way employed is through the examination of the perception of the customers on private party company as a result of the promotional efforts of companies under this industry sector. The survey questionnaire for this purpose was designed to obtain data and information which can be used to compare and analyze the respondents’ needs and expectations. The design of the survey questionnaire takes into consideration some theoretical as well as methodological challenges for our cognitive research.

The methodologies employed in drafting the survey questionnaire include avoidance of sexist bias. Modern researches of today are conscious of this. This study determines the promotional tactics that influence their choice(s). Before drafting the marketing survey questionnaire, extensive research has to be made on the usual or common private party material needs of the people. Research on the promotional tactics that are usually influencing the choice of private party materials should also be conducted to determine the variables that will be tested in the experimentation through a survey method.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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