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The paper "Background and Current Marketing Strategies of the Fashion Brand Aquascutum" is a brilliant example of a term paper on marketing. Aquascutum is brand luxury clothing based on the UK that is described to be one of the finest samples of the UK fashion industry. The brand was established in 1851 by John Emary a noted tailor entrepreneur. He opened it as a high-quality menswear shop at 46 Regent Street. By 1853 he succeeded in producing the first waterproof wool, a discovery that he patented and retained as the shop's name- ‘ Aquascutum’ , the Latin word that denotes, ‘ water shield’ .

By 1901, Emary moved to 100 Regent Street located in the heart of London city, which to date remains as Aquascutum’ s flagship store. In the beginning, the company produced, Coats for officers in the Crimean War 1854 that was made of waterproof fabric. It was worn as trench coats by soldiers of all ranks in consecutive world wars. Then slowly from there the company produced, domestic and fashion apparel in the 19th century that was adorned and patronaged by a top A list of royal clients as His majesty and the entire British royal family.

Till then Aquascutum gave only Men’ s wear and by 1900 Aquascutum brought in women’ s wear department that offered water-repellent capes and coats. This step was an instantaneous success and became extremely popular among the suffragettes. Starting with outerwear and riding habits, the brand soon offered a fully developed wardrobe for women that were truly stylish and fashionable. Aquascutum has a list of very proud elegant and powerful clients, from the aristocracy and political leaders to film stars.

But with the turn of the century as the style and fashion trends took a turn, the brand lacked the necessary foresight and up-gradation, and though it has an authentic value attached to it, the sales started dripping down. Then by April 2006, Kim Wisner became the President and Chief Executive Officer of Aquascutum with Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler, as heads of design. They as a team are trying to continue the brand’ s heritage of fabric innovation with due reference to Aquascutum’ s rich past to create potent collections of perfectly crafted pieces that would suit today’ s style and fashion.

The brand, famous for its suiting range, has recently roped in Pierce Bronson, for modeling. It has also started to offer to tailor by Savile Row tailor, Nick Hart. The Autumn/ Winter 07 campaign, their latest achievement that features power couple Gisele Bü ndchen and Jamie Dornan in Aquascutum Collection designs and Vintage pieces was a runaway hit. The Aquascutum now balances the traditions of its powerful brand image, and also bending to the demands of a more international, luxury appeal, with the CEO bringing in total change that gives it a new look with tradition withheld.

The store is now reportedly picking up in sales under the able stewardship of Kim Wisner. The following report tries to analyses its marketing strategy and present status. (http: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Aquascutum, 2007 ).

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