Can I Get a Sample Annotated Bibliography?

Are you having problems composing and formatting your bibliography? Creating an annotated bibliography is no easy task; especially if you haven’t written one before. You already know that, and you’re probably seated in front of your laptop surfing the net for a pretext to put off working on your annotated bibliography for a couple more minutes. A few minutes of logging into Facebook turn into hours catching up with friends. You’re scared of giving it up to work on something else; however, you’re still unable to start working on that annotated bibliography.

You can attempt to write it yourself, but there’s a high likelihood that it will cost a lot of energy and time, and you’re possibly swarmed with a lot of school assignments, need to attend classes and still study for exams.  When writing the bibliography, there are several details you need to take into account, and they can all be correctly implemented if you have considerable experience. If you lack the necessary experience, you can hire someone who can do the bibliography in APA, MLA, or whichever format that you require.

Among the various custom writing websites, we pride ourselves in being a reliable source for top-notch bibliographies for your research papers, term papers, and essays. We can also provide you with a sample annotated bibliography that you can make use of for future papers. Our samples indicate how you should properly arrange the reference, writing and bibliography part. You can be sure that we only hire experts who have years of experience to work on your bibliographies. This is because we ensure that all of our writers are native English speakers with degrees in the areas of specialization they wish to write in. If you don’t have a clue about what to do about your bibliography and you’re wondering “Can you do my annotated bibliography?”  Yes, we can! Consider ordering your annotated bibliography from us. We’re more than glad to help you with it!

What Bibliography Format Are You Proficient in?

We are proficient in handling papers of different bibliography formats including APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and ASA format. We can create annotations in different styles, and we normally arrange them in alphabetical order. The MLA annotated bibliography and the APA annotated bibliography are the most commonly compared to ASA and Chicago. The annotation itself can either immediately follow the bibliographic information or be placed several lines below. This, however, all depends on the required writing style. We guarantee properly structured annotations that follow all the rules, and with correct spacing.

It is essential to remember that different writing styles will have different orders for organizing these bibliographical entries. A Chicago style annotated bibliography will be completely different from that of MLA, APA, or Turabian. Some of these will start with the writers’ last names, others their first names, others require comma placement in one place and others in a completely different one. It is, therefore, vital to find out the format supported by your university or school to avoid getting into trouble.  The ASA annotated bibliography is, however, a little different since it serves a broader community of writers, publishers and researchers who use it for preparation and presentation of scholarly papers in other social and sociological science venues.

Why Should I Hire You to Write My APA Annotated Bibliography?

Our annotated bibliography services are among the best, since we’ve been providing these services for three years, and can, therefore, guarantee unique, plagiarism-free and top-notch quality. Furthermore, we offer:

  • Affordable Writing Services

We charge moderate prices for all kinds of paper ranging from $11-12 per page for any bibliography format. The sum increases depending on the due date of the paper and your annotated bibliography. The sooner the due date, the higher the price.

  • Customized Content

Understandably, our clients enjoy making use of our assistance since we are customer-oriented and try our level best to adhere to their instructions. Our writers turn all our orders into high-quality pieces of writing since we only hire native English speakers with vast experience working on different papers. Majority of our writers have dozens of professionally written annotated bibliographies under their belts.

  • Free Checks on the Paper

Even though the task may seem daunting and impossible for you, we can handle it. It doesn’t matter how soon you need the annotated bibliography; it is our responsibility to deliver it on time. We also want to ensure that your annotated bibliography is submitted in the best way possible. We, therefore, provide punctuation and grammar check for your paper and a free plagiarism check. This guarantees you that the content wasn’t copied from a different source.

How Do I Get Someone to Work on My Annotated Bibliography?

If you want us to work on your annotated bibliography, you can submit the order yourself through following all the instructions on our annotated bibliography website or reach out to our support consultants on live chat who will assist you in placing your order. Here’s how you go about it:

  • Fill in a personal information form stating your requirements and instructions, and provide the deadline.
  • Chat with one of our writers who we believe can handle your paper and decide whether he/she is well-suited to handle your paper
  • Pay the required amount of money through a safe payment getaway and submit your order. The funds are placed in an escrow system and can only be released once the paper has been approved.
  • The writer will then begin working on your paper.
  • Receive your annotated bibliography and release the funds only if you’re satisfied.

What are Your Guarantees?

Since we are all about customer satisfaction, we can guarantee you confidentiality. We never disclose our customers, names, addresses, age, or the kind of educational establishment with which they are affiliated to a third party. We respect our clients’ need for full privacy in order to protect them from any misunderstandings with their professors. We also have a money back guarantee if you’re not impressed. However, our experts will work tirelessly on your paper to ensure that you’re satisfied. However, we have a money back guarantee policy that our clients can request for, once the paper is delivered, yet they feel like the bibliography has not been done to their satisfaction.

Let Us Handle Your Annotated Today!

Avoid wasting time, and submit your order today! Purchase a high quality annotated bibliography to avoid paying extra!

Annotated Bibliography

Rethinking Ethical Issues in Global Business Environment
The paper "Rethinking Ethical Issues in Global Business Environment" is an outstanding example of a business annotated bibliography. Managers in globalized environments consider business ethics phenomenon as vital due to increased policies of liberalization and globalization. Business qualms, diversity push and changing demographics brought by globalization policy thus; resulting in corporate cultures of business less homogenous.…
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The Starbucks Cafe
The paper ''The Starbucks Cafe'' is a great example of Business annotated Bibliography.Andrejczak, M. (2012). Green Mountain shares gain on new Starbucks deal. Market Watch – Wall Street Journal. Retrieved January 15, 2013, from
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Global Business Cultural Analysis in Singapore
The paper  “Global Business Cultural Analysis in Singapore” is a meaningful example of a business annotated bibliography. The article "Impact of cultural values on young consumers' choice of international tertiary education. Asia - Pacific journal of business administration" by im-Choy, C., Kim-Shyan Fam, & Holdsworth, D. K. (2009) aims at investigating issues among young consumers.…
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Enterprise Lacking Innovation
The paper "Enterprise Lacking Innovation" is a worthy example of an annotated bibliography on business. The company managed to show the personal computer industry a new way of conducting business. Its business model was successful at the time since it managed to create a large and profitable computing franchise.…
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The War on Drugs: Golden Triangle
The paper "The War on Drugs: Golden Triangle " is an outstanding example of a business annotated bibliography. The article represents the relation between the war on drugs and the crime rates. It analyzes how many professionals believe that incarcerating drug offenders actually reduces crime, but what they do not know is the fact that according to the time series analysis of four crime rates in the United States, this view is not supported.…
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Apple's Latest Acquisition
The paper "Apple's Latest Acquisition " is an outstanding example of a business annotated bibliography. After constant pressure from the creditor committee, American airline had to merge with US Airways to become the largest carrier in the country. This merger between the AMR and US Airways would provide the organization with significant opportunities to both the companies.…
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Teamwork in a Business Environment
The paper "Teamwork in a Business Environment" is an outstanding example of a business annotated bibliography.   Teamwork is an inevitable practice in most organizations. An organization comprises several factors, which affects its operations; such factors can be either internal or external factors.…
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Employee Engagement and Performance Management
The paper "Employee Engagement and Performance Management" is an outstanding example of a management annotated bibliography. Employee engagement and performance management is seen as a combination of commitment to the organization and its values and a willingness to help out colleagues (organizational citizenship).…
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Significance of Knowledge Sharing Capabilities in Different Organizational Environments
The paper "Significance of Knowledge Sharing Capabilities in Different Organizational Environments" is a worthy example of an annotated bibliography on management. Knowledge sharing capabilities is something extremely important for organizations as without this their employees cannot further develop their skills.…
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The World of Corporate Managers, Work at Disneyland
The paper "The World of Corporate Managers, Work at Disneyland" is a perfect example of a management annotated bibliography. The author (Jackall) tries to understand the role of the modern-day corporate manager in the day to day operations of an organization. He does this by analyzing the social concept and o its impact on the corporate manager.…
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Encouraging Positive Consumer Behaviors
The paper "Encouraging Positive Consumer Behaviors" is a great example of a Marketing Annotated Bibliography. This journal seeks to describe how different people avoid consumption of products and services that are linked to certain reference groups. It examines how consumers exhibit equal behaviors to eliminate group members in regard to the domain of consumer trends.…
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A Model of Old Workers to Continue Working
It is essential to state that the paper "A Model of Old Workers to Continue Working" is a good example of management annotated bibliography. Old age has always been associated with the need for retirement from workplaces as a result of advancing ages and the inability to cope with technological demands.…
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Transformational Leadership, Organisational Change, and Job Satisfaction
The paper "Transformational Leadership, Organisational Change, and Job Satisfaction" is a wonderful example of an annotated bibliography. on management. Leadership is the foundational aspect of any organizational change. For any successful change in an organization, leaders should be at the forefront to organize and prepare their followers for the change process.…
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Outsourcing Human Resource Activities - Measuring the Hidden Costs and Benefits
The paper “Outsourcing Human Resource Activities - Measuring the Hidden Costs and  Benefits” is an impressive variant of annotated bibliography on human resources. Wehner, C, Giardini, W & Kabst, R. (2012) present their work "Graduates’ reactions to recruitment process outsourcing: a scenario-based study, Human Resource Management Journal, 51(4): 601–624.…
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The Relationship between Globalization and Unemployment
The paper "The Relationship between Globalization and Unemployment" is a perfect example of a macro & microeconomics annotated bibliography. According to Ukpere and Slabbert (2009, p. 38), there has been an increase in the number of people who are unemployed and this might have occurred due to automation or due to movement of business in other regions in order to take advantage of favorable business climate.…
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Effect of Social Influence on Consumer Behavior
The paper "Effect of Social Influence on Consumer Behavior" Is a great example of a Marketing Annotated Bibliography. The following is an annotated bibliography for research on the topic “How social influence in the form of the concept of social normative influence affects the behavior of consumers.” Four recently-published peer-reviewed journal articles are reviewed.…
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HRM in the Knowledge Economy
The paper 'HRM in the Knowledge Economy" is a great example of a human resources annotated bibliography. According to the author, human capital is defined as the skills, abilities, attitudes, qualities and competencies of an organization's employees and a system that can be used to manage employees of an organization as a resource that enhances its operations.…
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What Impact Has Globalization Had on Developing Countries
The paper "What Impact Has Globalization Had on Developing Countries" is an outstanding example of a business annotated bibliography. Globalisation refers to the processes of increasing liquidity and the advancement of the multidirectional flow of persons, places, information and objects. Globalisation has augmented greatly and established novel prospects for developing and developed nations.…
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Motivation of Employees
The paper "Motivation of Employees" is a great example of a management annotated bibliography. The topic selected is the one on management and the specific question in this topic that requires address is ‘What is the best way to motivate people in an organization?’ Motivation is the inner force that drives employees and people in the organization to accomplish personal and organisational goals and objectives.…
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New and Emergent Trends in Global Business
The paper "New and Emergent Trends in Global Business" is a perfect example of a business annotated bibliography. This literature review develops a critical focus on an emerging trend in global business. In particular, the literature review explores the aspect of the emerging concept of relationship marketing as one of the key emerging trends in global business in the modern market context.…
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Group and Organizational Behaviour
The paper "Group and Organizational Behaviour" is an outstanding example of a business annotated bibliography. In an organization, there are different sub-sections that when grouped together forms one system that runs efficiently as a whole business without hitches. In an organization, employees are required to work together to achieve the main objectives.…
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Social Capital Theory of Career Success
The paper "Social Capital Theory of Career Success" is an outstanding example of a management annotated bibliography. As a professional, I have always admired the modern way of doing business where employees are ‘pampered’ and treated like goose which lays the golden eggs. I find the humanistic approach to employee treatment over interesting especially when I reflect back on the history of human labor.…
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Recruitment and Hiring Process
The paper "Recruitment and Hiring Process" is a great example of a management annotated bibliography. The key article in this essay is ‘The Multiple-Category Problem: Category Activation and Inhibition in the Hiring Process’ by Kulik, Robertson, and Perry (2007). This essay will thus focus on the recruitment and hiring process in an organization.…
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Management Skills for Managers, Global Environmental Change
The paper 'Management Skills for Managers, Global Environmental Change" is a good example of a management annotated bibliography. This book covers the necessary requirements of a good manager in any organization. It offers advice on the skills needed by one to be a good first-time manager.…
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A Global Labour Market
The paper “A Global Labour Market” is a meaningful example of the annotated bibliography on human resources. Khoo, S., McDonald, P., Voigt-Graf, C., and Hugo, G. (2007). in their book "A Global Labour Market: Factors Motivating the Sponsorship and Temporary Migration of Skilled Workers to Australia"  observe that many developed countries suffer from an acute skilled labor shortage.…
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