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The paper "The Concept of Supervision" is a good example of an essay on business. In relation to the analysts and researchers in the field of management, supervision has been termed as one of the vital aspects that boost an organization’ s performance. On the other hand, for almost all organizations that are geared towards the attainment of results, supervision is mandatory. Burke and Krey argue that supervision is an action carried out by the supervisors in an endeavor to evaluate the efforts put by the employees towards the organization’ s efficacy (21).

They also indicate that supervision places emphasis on the way employees contribute to the advancement of an organization. Nevertheless, the degree of supervision can only be understood after an assessment of the size of the association and the number of employees each organization has. In Burke and Krey’ s argument, supervision handles the behavior of varying persons and the proper coordination of the behaviors portrayed by the same employees (20). From this work, it is evident that human behavior has been regarded as an aspect that requires proper coordination and facilitation (21).

In this context, therefore, supervision attempts to understand employee behavior and devise means in which they come up with methodologies that will gear them towards achievement and progress. In the case of an organization, community, or family circle, supervision will be of benefit in the event of implementing changes. Since an organization is comprised of persons, Burke and Krey recommend that supervisors include communication of the roles of each person in the organization to avoid misunderstandings (24). Since individuals will always have a tendency of resisting change, they should leave a chance of disappointment in the course of dispensing duties (21).

All in all, the decisions they make must be firm, unless a delicate situation comes up, where they are required to consult with the fellow supervisors. However, proper communication channels must be used at all times, as well as communication with the employees. In this case, the employees will feel involved in the organization’ s decision-making process, and this will increase their motivation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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