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You’ve had a hectic day at school. It’s that time of the semester when you’re piled with loads of work, assignments, exams to study for, your thesis needs to be reviewed, and you also have to attend classes. You’re so swarmed you don’t even have time to relax, catch up with your friends and have fun. Your article writing assignment is due in a week; you have no clue what the topic entails and you’re starting to panic. You’re worried that you will fail in your assignment. Worse still, you’re uncertain about hiring someone for the job since an online company may be a scam and you end up losing your cash, they might not give priority and urgency to your paper, or they might deliver low quality or plagiarized content which affects your grades or gets you in trouble with your tutor. Your article writing assignment needs to be handled by a professional. It needs to be adequately researched so that it can be properly written. Since you lack the time and have no idea how to go about writing the piece, you’ll require a reliable article writing services to help you. If you have to hire article writing services, then you need to go for the best.

We are an article writing site that has specialized in creating content for students in various niches, and we have managed to emerge at the top of site rankings fast. This is because we offer a productive and challenging environment for our writers who have different profiles and talents. Our writers are paid to create content that is original, creative, engaging and interesting. We’ve also implemented a selection algorithm that ensures only writers with constantly great feedback from our clients remain on the team. Depending on the type of content you need to be written, particular preferences and your requests, your task will be given to the writer best fit to handle it at the moment. We offer content in various niches but maintain a good quality of the content throughout. Our clients are mostly from the UK, US, Canada, and Australia since our writers are native English speakers who have completely mastered language peculiarities. So no need to worry, you don’t have to rush through your assignment and risk getting terrible grades. If you require an article example, an article summary example, or any other article related services, we are here to help you with just that!

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In case you’re worried whether we can provide the service that you’re looking for, or deliver precisely what you need you should know that we have been in the game for five years now. Our repeat customers and good reviews are just proof that we’ve been in the game long enough to understand and customize exactly what it is that you want. First, we review your paper for free. Once the work has been written, the process is far from over. We rise above our competition, by then sending the content to our dedicated, in-house team of expert editors. Our editors check your project for adherence to the instructions or guidelines given by the project manager and the client, proper grammar and spelling, voice, tone and style that engages your audience and a free plagiarism check through Copyscape. Once the content is thoroughly edited, a final check is done by the project manager to ensure that your article aligns with your goals and guidelines. Besides, if you also require a profile article example on short notice, our team of professionals is willing to work a little extra hard to get the content done on time. To achieve this, we invest heavily in training our editorial and writing staff. The results have been positive with 96% of our customers leaving positive feedback on our site. So it’s safe to say that you can trust us to deliver your article analysis example, your article critique example, or any article sample you require because:

  • We Are Detail-Oriented

Turnaround times and affordable pricing are just two of the many elements that set us apart from our competitors. We ensure that our clients are constantly impressed with the level of quality that we provide considering the speed at which we can complete and deliver the content. The articles will be done in your preferred format whether .pdf, .doc, .txt, or any other preferred document type. Style elements including bulleted points, bolded text, and subheadings can be added based on your guidelines and preferences. We can also add links, images, HTML coding, in case you need to create a turnkey solution to upload your content. Majority of clients prefer email delivery, but we can also deliver the content via Dropbox, Skype, or whatever tool you prefer.

  • We Are Proficient in Several Niches

Throughout our history, we have been providing articles on various topics including medicine, fitness, technology, history, law, real estate, music, education, news, and much, much more. We have no minimum or maximum order when it comes to our article writing services. Whether you require one journal article review example or several definite articles in Spanish examples, we have the staff and the tools to complete your project quickly.

  • Native English Speakers

Moreover, all of our writers are based in the United States; therefore, they’re native English speakers. They have degrees in fields such as creative writing, law, English, history, education, journalism and more. With such a diverse range of backgrounds, we can easily assign your content to writers who have the relevant expertise, education, and experience in the required subject matter.  Whatever you need, we will craft your content with a compelling voice and strong factual accuracy. Regurgitation of other people’s work on the internet is a no for us! We create fresh, unique and interesting articles which stand apart from any other stuff you will find online. So get your articles of confederation examples written by our experts today!

How Should I Order For My Feature Article Example?

Do you need to order a feature article example online now? No problem. We have a Live Chat which works 24/7, and we have consultants willing to help you through every step. If not, you can easily follow the available instructions:

  1. Fill in a form with your personal details, choose the type of article sample you need to be created, the requirements and deadline.
  2. Compare the various article examples on our site, preview them, and choose the one that fits your requirements. If it’s not available, reach out to our writers, select the best fit, and they can work on it.
  3. Load your account with funds then the paper will be delivered, or a writer will work on it.
  4. Stay in touch with the writer to keep tabs on your order.
  5. Pay for the content only if it’s completed, plagiarism-free and meets all your conditions. If your article does not meet the conditions you expect, let our writer review it for you.

What Are Your Guarantees?

Most companies offer guarantees to maximize customer satisfaction. Do they keep their promise? With us, you get to enjoy several guarantees, and we make sure to satisfy your every need. First, you are provided a money refund policy. Our writers create content from scratch, follow the necessary instructions to the letter, and the content is checked through Copyscape for plagiarism. We also create authentic papers which are composed based on your specific requirements. We deliver original content, and we can never sell your piece to a different client. However, if you’re unsatisfied with the article, it can be revised several times until your content. If still not content after several revisions, we refund the money. If your content is plagiarized, we refund it, no questions asked. You also get to communicate directly with our team and on-time delivery. You can reach our experts 24/7 or chat with our customer support representatives who are always up-and-running to meet all your needs. They’re here to help you submit your paper, and answer any of your queries. Our top-most priority is quality and delivery on time, and a recent survey indicated that 94% of all copies ordered from our site were delivered ahead of the due date. Another guarantee you get to enjoy is a safe payment getaway. Our payment getaway allows you to make your payments easily and quickly. The main component of our payment getaway is to process your transactions securely and keep your data and money secure. You can either use Master, Visa, or PayPal for all your transactions on our site.

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With us by your side, you need not worry about poor grades. We’re here to help you get the right assistance and get you the article that you need from a vetted professional. So what are you waiting for? Buy your sample article from us today!

Essays for “Article”

Airports and Cities in Networks by Maurits Schaafsma
The paper “Airports and Cities in Networks by Maurits Schaafsma” is a persuading variant of the article on social science. Maurits Schaafsma’s article “Airports and Cities in Networks” describes a shift in development brought about by the evolution of the airline industry and the airports that form their transportation networks.…
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Enablers of Non-Sequential Internationalization Process among Small and Medium-Sized Firms by Osarenkhoe
The paper "Enablers of Non-Sequential Internationalization Process among Small and Medium-Sized Firms by Osarenkhoe" is a delightful example of an article on marketing. The article was written by Aihie Osarenkhoe of the University of Gavle (Sweden) Department of Business Studies and was published in the International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management in February 2008.…
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Analysis Questions of Microeconomics
Analysis Questions of Microeconomics Microeconomics focuses on how the household and firms maximize the use of scarce resources. This branch of economics includes discussion on the supply theory, demand theory, trade off, and rent. Other…
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The Impact of Self-Management Leadership on Organizational Creativity by John Politis
 The complexity of modern business can be best attributed to the revolutionary changes occurred during the last century notably since the emergence of globalization and industrialization. In order to vie with the emerging market…
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Property takings via regulations
Property takings via regulations The source is reliable because it contains necessary characteristics that a trusted source should have. For example, the author has included a bibliography to indicate the source of the information contained in the…
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Article Abstract Assignments
The NCAA Cartel and Competitive Balance in College Football by E. Woodrow Eckard. Research question: Whatimpact does NCAA has in college football? The author is establishing a premise, reliable enough to help in making any inference regarding the…
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Organization theory- learning journal
Organization Theory – Learning Journal: Organizations as Brains and Social Domination Organizations as Brains and Social Domination In an article entitled “Leading Brain-Like Organizations: Toward Synthesis And Practical Guidelines” written by…
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Current Topic Review
Current Topic Review Current Topic Review On Monday, June 11 Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference also known as annual geek hajj kicked off in San Francisco. Brad Stone, Bloomberg Businessweek senior writer reports on the happenings of this event…
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Innovation The technology of an industry never remains static; it is always to changes by introducing new methods of innovation among the existing techniques. All these technology innovations were usually designed by the manufacturers and implemented…
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Communicating value
Running Head: Communicating Value Communicating Value Inserts His/her Communicating Value The dynamics of marketing have changed greatly after the introduction of internet and other high tech communication technologies. Conventional marketing…
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Self Awareness and the Effective Leader
Self-awareness and Leadership Self-awareness is key to leadership because leaders must be able to see beyond themselves in order to inspire or create something new. Leaders are individuals that are not obsessed with their own failings or their own…
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Enron scandal
1) What kind of industry was Enron in? Enron was a public corporation in the energy industry. 2) What did Enron do wrong? The Enron scandal involved an accounting fraudulent scheme in which the company was cooking up the books. 3) When did Enron file…
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What Routes Can Coaches Take to Go Above and Beyond for Future Leaders
 Abstract In this article we shall summarize the five hidden roles that author Robert Barner thinks is important for a managerial coach to perform to achieve success in imparting developmental teaching to his team leaders. Further we will…
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Summary/Critical Response
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 13 November Working at MacDonald’s I agree with the argument presented by the article ‘Working at MacDonald’s’. There are many reasons for my being in agreement with the article. MacDonald’s is a…
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The US is not on the Road to Recovery
US not on the Road to Recovery Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize winning economist in his article “US not on the road to recovery” conjures his view thatthere are so many hindrances for the United States to re-emerge to the economic state of affairs it…
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Finance Article2
Finance Article The Reason for Writing the Article Ever since the financial crisis has engulfed the United s, there is a common belief that China has surpassed the U.S and has become the worlds leading economy. The authors main aim is to thrash this…
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Diversity Issues and Population Risk
Diversity Issues and Population Risk Diversity refers to the commitment to recognizing and appreciating characteristics that makes one unique. It also entails the differences among people in the society. Diversities exist in different way e.g.…
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Active learning exercise (Markeing Ethics)
Task ACTIVE LEARNING EXERCISE (MARKETING ETHICS) Introduction Moral philosophy guiding the decision-making at Ford and at Bridgestone/ Firestone The moral philosophy that guided the decision-making at the ford company was the utilitarianism…
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First and Analyzing cultural representations The U.S. society experienced many categories of the concept of ethnical and racial identity, which is now considered as a complex one. It is thus shaped by personal characteristics, family distinctions,…
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Article summary / accounting
Article Analysis Article Analysis HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE FINANCIAL REPORTING MODEL FOR AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS IN THE USThe study focuses on how financial reporting model developed from the 1800s to 1999 for state and local governments in the…
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Many Banks Still Vulnerable to Crises
 Many Banks Still Vulnerable to Crises Article Brief The Bank for International Settlements, an organization consolidating central banks around the world, cautioned that most banks are still susceptible to breakdown. Most banks around the United…
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Project Management
Summary of Project Management Web Sites and Articles Homework #2 After reviewing the websites in this exercise, I learnt that project management haschanged from a nascent field that it was a few decades ago to a full fledged indispensable need today.…
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Target Fraud
Target fraud Task: Target Corporation received reports that discounted retailers had suffered losses that were as a result ofbreach of security. The businesses became victims of massive data breach after their financial information systems were…
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Current Event Summary
Japan Adds to Global Economy Woes1 of the Subject Name of the Concerned Professor March 15, 2011…
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Personal experience of leadership
Normally, many are the times that individuals do not differentiate the major differences between leaders and managers. However, in the real sense they are totally different individuals who need different capabilities. In fact, managers always…
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