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You’ve had a hectic day at school. It’s that time of the semester when you’re piled with loads of work, assignments, exams to study for, your thesis needs to be reviewed, and you also have to attend classes. You’re so swarmed you don’t even have time to relax, catch up with your friends and have fun. Your article writing assignment is due in a week; you have no clue what the topic entails and you’re starting to panic. You’re worried that you will fail in your assignment. Worse still, you’re uncertain about hiring someone for the job since an online company may be a scam and you end up losing your cash, they might not give priority and urgency to your paper, or they might deliver low quality or plagiarized content which affects your grades or gets you in trouble with your tutor. Your article writing assignment needs to be handled by a professional. It needs to be adequately researched so that it can be properly written. Since you lack the time and have no idea how to go about writing the piece, you’ll require a reliable article writing services to help you. If you have to hire article writing services, then you need to go for the best.

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In case you’re worried whether we can provide the service that you’re looking for, or deliver precisely what you need you should know that we have been in the game for five years now. Our repeat customers and good reviews are just proof that we’ve been in the game long enough to understand and customize exactly what it is that you want. First, we review your paper for free. Once the work has been written, the process is far from over. We rise above our competition, by then sending the content to our dedicated, in-house team of expert editors. Our editors check your project for adherence to the instructions or guidelines given by the project manager and the client, proper grammar and spelling, voice, tone and style that engages your audience and a free plagiarism check through Copyscape. Once the content is thoroughly edited, a final check is done by the project manager to ensure that your article aligns with your goals and guidelines. Besides, if you also require a profile article example on short notice, our team of professionals is willing to work a little extra hard to get the content done on time. To achieve this, we invest heavily in training our editorial and writing staff. The results have been positive with 96% of our customers leaving positive feedback on our site. So it’s safe to say that you can trust us to deliver your article analysis example, your article critique example, or any article sample you require because:

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Turnaround times and affordable pricing are just two of the many elements that set us apart from our competitors. We ensure that our clients are constantly impressed with the level of quality that we provide considering the speed at which we can complete and deliver the content. The articles will be done in your preferred format whether .pdf, .doc, .txt, or any other preferred document type. Style elements including bulleted points, bolded text, and subheadings can be added based on your guidelines and preferences. We can also add links, images, HTML coding, in case you need to create a turnkey solution to upload your content. Majority of clients prefer email delivery, but we can also deliver the content via Dropbox, Skype, or whatever tool you prefer.

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Moreover, all of our writers are based in the United States; therefore, they’re native English speakers. They have degrees in fields such as creative writing, law, English, history, education, journalism and more. With such a diverse range of backgrounds, we can easily assign your content to writers who have the relevant expertise, education, and experience in the required subject matter.  Whatever you need, we will craft your content with a compelling voice and strong factual accuracy. Regurgitation of other people’s work on the internet is a no for us! We create fresh, unique and interesting articles which stand apart from any other stuff you will find online. So get your articles of confederation examples written by our experts today!

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Do you need to order a feature article example online now? No problem. We have a Live Chat which works 24/7, and we have consultants willing to help you through every step. If not, you can easily follow the available instructions:

  1. Fill in a form with your personal details, choose the type of article sample you need to be created, the requirements and deadline.
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Most companies offer guarantees to maximize customer satisfaction. Do they keep their promise? With us, you get to enjoy several guarantees, and we make sure to satisfy your every need. First, you are provided a money refund policy. Our writers create content from scratch, follow the necessary instructions to the letter, and the content is checked through Copyscape for plagiarism. We also create authentic papers which are composed based on your specific requirements. We deliver original content, and we can never sell your piece to a different client. However, if you’re unsatisfied with the article, it can be revised several times until your content. If still not content after several revisions, we refund the money. If your content is plagiarized, we refund it, no questions asked. You also get to communicate directly with our team and on-time delivery. You can reach our experts 24/7 or chat with our customer support representatives who are always up-and-running to meet all your needs. They’re here to help you submit your paper, and answer any of your queries. Our top-most priority is quality and delivery on time, and a recent survey indicated that 94% of all copies ordered from our site were delivered ahead of the due date. Another guarantee you get to enjoy is a safe payment getaway. Our payment getaway allows you to make your payments easily and quickly. The main component of our payment getaway is to process your transactions securely and keep your data and money secure. You can either use Master, Visa, or PayPal for all your transactions on our site.

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Article Summary While there are many mysteries and myths surrounding the idea of international trade, thearticle written by Ruffin (1999) seeks to dispel the traditional thoughts concerning international trade. It is noted that the top exports and…
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Leadership and trust facilitating cross-functional team success by Sheila Simsarian Webber The Journal of Management Development; 2002; 21, 3/4; ABI/INFORM Comp
Summary of the article This article is about the role of trust in the working of cross functional teams and leadership issues involved in the process. With the emergence of matrix organizational system, the need for the cross functional teams was…
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Summary of articles The open systems approach to organizational structure holds that it is dependent upon the environment; hence congruence between the environment and organizational structure is likely to lead to good organizational performance. The…
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Jobs Roles In Africa
Job Roles in Africa College: Job Roles in Africa Africa has developed to be a self-sustaining continent. Due to the development, its education standards have also developed and as a result, new and different job roles have been created. The emergence…
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CCK Says Safaricom Arm-Twisting It at Consumers' Expense by Jevans Nyabiage
The paper “CCK Says Safaricom Arm-Twisting It at Consumers' Expense by Jevans Nyabiage" is an impressive example of an article on business. Safaricom, Airtel Kenya, Orange Telkom, and Essar Telecom are the only mobile phone operators in Kenya. Safaricom’s market share in mobile network subscribers is almost 70%.…
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End of the Chapter questions
Marketing Question a) Difference between traditional and relationship marketing Traditional marketing entails taking the company’s message to the people in the market. To increase the chances of having an item bought would depend on the number of…
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The Weakened US Go To the G-20
The Weakened US Go To the G-20 The article in question is about the changing landscape of the international economic system where China is courted more than the US for its ability to shore up other currencies like the US Dollar and the Euro. The…
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How to Succeed with Your Mobile App
How to Succeed with Your Mobile App The Smashing magazine with the Title: How to Succeed with Your Mobile App is very exciting, and it can make a reader want to read more. The author has used very many bright colors that are attracting the eyes. He…
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Update: The Music Industry in 2006
Lecturer The Music Industry in 2006 Introduction The music industry comprises individuals and companies who make money through creating and / or selling music. The individuals and firms operating in this industry includes; musicians responsible for…
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HARLEQUIN : Harlequin customers One of harlequin’s target markets is the young adult generation. Harlequin has produced the ‘harlequin teen,’ that fiction line that targets the young generation. Among harlequin…
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Obamas 2014 State of the Union Address

The paper "Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address" is a delightful example of an article on social science. On Jan. 28, President Barrack Obama delivers the Union address; key points of his address are summarized as per the following. The President Obama vociferously describes his governments achievements and future challenges that the nation is likely to face.

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Corporate Vulnerability in Supply Chains
Evaluating Doctoral Study The Background The Doctoral study article; Key Areas, Causes, and Contingencies Planning of Corporate Vulnerability of Supply Chains, tries to examine the corporate vulnerability in supply chains, both in the upstream and…
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Oil Prices: Keeping It to Themselves, Gulf States not Only Pump Oil, They Burn It, too by The Economist
The paper "Oil Prices: Keeping It to Themselves, Gulf States not Only Pump Oil, They Burn It, too by The Economist" is a delightful example of an article on business. The issue discussed in this article of The Economist is concerned with the production, supply, and usage of petroleum and its products in the Gulf countries to the rest of the world. …
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Globalization: Bridging Across Cultures or Developing a Global Culture by Peiperl
The paper "Globalization: Bridging Across Cultures or Developing a Global Culture by Peiperl" is a delightful example of an article on business. In the article, Peiperl talks about creating a global culture to improve business management across boundaries.  Peiperl is mainly concerned about the future impact of globalization on the business world. …
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Lessons from Abroad: When Culture Affects Negotiating Style by Brett and Gelfand
The paper "Lessons from Abroad: When Culture Affects Negotiating Style by Brett and Gelfand" is a good example of an article on business. In their article on negotiation, Brett and Gelfand talk about different approaches to negotiation, confrontation, and renegotiation as well as highlight different approaches used in different cultures to drawing information from the opposite party.…
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due: Article, Microeconomics Microeconomics focuses on making decisions such as government decisions, consumer and business decisions. The decisions are critical because of the scarce resources that are needed by people. For instance, businesses…
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The Business of Behavioural Economics by Michael Blanding
The paper "The Business of Behavioural Economics by Michael Blanding" is a delightful example of an article on business. The concept of behavioral economics is based on the idea that, although human beings are rational creatures, some of human being’s actions, however, are motivated not by right reason but by human passions and appetites.…
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Journal opinion article and address an economic issue of current interest to Wall Street Journal readers
Teacher Journal Opinion Article Within the global economy, Asia is certainly on the rise. Perhaps no other nation is this more evident than in that of Singapore. A recent Wall Street Journal article features the island nation as it has just lost…
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Why Domestic Outsourcing Is Leading Americas Reemergence in Global Manufacturing by Pearce
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Riddle of the Pyramids: What Is Herbalife by Nocera
The paper "Riddle of the Pyramids: What Is Herbalife? by Nocera" is a delightful example of an article on business. A pyramid scheme can be defined as an illegal and unsustainable investment scam with a hierarchical structure, which entails promising individual's payment for recruiting other persons into a business that offers a non-existent or valueless product.…
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Cynthia Cooper and WorldCom by Mead and Warhane
The paper "Cynthia Cooper and WorldCom by Mead and Warhane" is a brilliant example of an article on business. The writer’s position is that Cooper is faced with a very difficult situation, which will have to blow up anyway. This is because; she is not sure whether she should reveal the audit information that indicates that WorldCom is involved in scandals of financial irregularity.…
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Exploring the Relationship between Learning and Leadership by Brown and Posner
The paper "Exploring the Relationship between Learning and Leadership by Brown and Posner" is a delightful example of an article on business. Is there are a relationship between how people learn and how they develop the competency of leading others? This the question that Brown and Posner (2001) seek to answer in their research “Exploring the Relationship between Learning and Leadership”.…
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Justices Back Rule Limiting Coal Pollution by Coral Davenport
The paper "Justices Back Rule Limiting Coal Pollution by Coral Davenport" is a great example of an article on environmental studies. The article “Justices Back Rule Limiting Coal Pollution” was written by Coral Davenport in late April with the intention of informing the public on how coal plants, as well as courts, contribute to the pollution of air and the environment (Davenport, 2014).…
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The Many Benefits of Employee Well-Being in Organizational Research by Wright and Huang
The paper "The Many Benefits of Employee Well-Being in Organizational Research by Wright and Huang" is a worthy example of a management article. 'The many benefits of employee well-being in organizational research’ is a job incubator research that reveals the significance of employees’ well-being on the performance of the individual and productive outcome of the organization in general.…
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Does It Pay to Be Good by Trudel and Cotte
The paper "Does It Pay to Be Good? by Trudel and Cotte" is a perfect example of an article on business. In the article, the authors bring out a notion that people will most probably reward a company based on how ethical they are. They presume a direct relationship between corporate social responsibility and performance though there are not empirical results that confirm such.…
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