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The paper "Ecology by Charles Hall" is an excellent example of an article on environmental studies. The article ‘ Ecology’ was published by Charles Hall on 3rd August. According to the article, ecology can be defined as the study of environmental systems. This study is also known as the economy of nature. Ecology is broadly divided into four classes consisting of ecosystems, physiological, community, and population ecology (Hall, 2010). Research asserts that ecology is also considered as part of the geographic environment, which is under research. According to the article, physiological ecology deals with the response of species to different environmental conditions including light and temperature among others.

Population ecology deals with the general distribution of phenomena in a region. In addition, community ecology deals with the number of species, their interactions, and distribution in a specified location. Lastly, ecosystem ecology focuses on the structure and functioning of living things in the environment (Hall, 2010). Scholars may also include evolutionary ecology in the discipline. This asserts that ecology involves the natural aspects of the world. Recent research shows that the discipline of ecology has extended to include agricultural activities, industrial parks, and cities.

This article also provides some of the most basic reasons why most individuals study ecology. In fact, ecologists are advised to undertake courses related to sociology, economics, human geography and agronomy among other disciplines in order to get more information. This is because most of the recent ecology courses are usually taught under the department of biology. Some of these disciplines include animal ecology, plant ecology and microbial ecology (Hall, 2010).  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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