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The paper “ Brand Preference Survey" is a  thoughtful example of a research paper on marketing. A brand is very important in penetrating the market and the product has to make an impact in the desired market. There has been a growing interest in determining the perceptions of consumers, especially teenagers and young adults towards brands. Bosch (2003) asserts that brand awareness amongst teenagers and young adults has been on the rise. In fact, it has become a vital description of how young consumers define themselves and how they want their fellow youngsters to view them.

In spite of this very important tendency, the available information on the relationship between young consumers’ consumption values and cognitive maturity is very scarce. This paper aims to discover the perceptions of young consumers involving the wearing of T-shirts that have been branded. Teenagers and young adults, often referred to as the youth, are known to be brand conscious since they are able to represent and identify themselves with particular brands. In their wearing of the wide variety of branded t-shirts seen with every young person on the streets which are large enough to be identified without any kind of confusion.

Most of them are usually conversant with the types of brands on the clothes they wear, the names of the latest fashions and even the latest electronic devices. McNeal (2002)found out at most of the brands the young people are interested in are globally recognized brands such as Dell, Nike, Reebok, Manchester United, Arsenal, USA, Adidas and Nokia amongst others. More studies show that teenagers and young adults view people with and without branded clothing differently from people older than or younger than them.

Chan (2004 asserts that there are two things that differentiate young consumers from their older counterparts. Firstly, they admit that Nike and Adidas were their preferred brands for their shoes and Aqua VI, Ben Sherman and Black Hearts Brigade for the T-shirts. Second, they also acknowledge that modern and the latest brands like the ones with slogans that communicate a message of what they stand for. T-shirts that communicate their view of the world and speak their opinion of what happens in the world.

Slogans like “ One People, One World, ” “ Family Matters” are some of the slogans that young people prefer on their t-shirts. These researches are done in the past to add value to any market research that is aimed a developing branded t-shirts for young adults and teenagers. More research shows that children aged between thirteen and nineteen years are less concerned with brands that are associated with food products. They are conscious of such brands that are associated with records, artists, video games, toys, and sporting goods. The young adults have a slightly different interest with regard to their perception.

They prefer brands of the latest technological gadgets like Nokia, Sony Eriksson, Samsung, and Motorola. The more mature young adults of ages between 23 and 27 years are interested in brands that are related to the latest car models and the bigger gadgets. Nokia is the most popular brand among young consumers which explains why Nokia is aggressively campaigning with a strategy targeted to reach consumers ranging from teenagers to mature adults.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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