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Assignment Examples

Engineering Management Project - Successes and Failures of the Project
The paper  “Engineering Management Project - Successes and Failures of the Project” is an actual example of the assignment on management. The Prince 2 project management methodology structure turns to be primarily dividends in various steps like initiation, project directing, and planning among others.…
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Project Management and Engineering
The paper  “Project Management and Engineering” is an excellent example of the assignment on management. The present paper is sought to present a comprehensive analysis of the application of project management, in the engineering sector. The particular analysis will involve the evaluation of the engineering project management portfolio. The portfolio analyzed is divided into three parts.…
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PRINCE Project Management Methodology, Project Success and Failure
The paper  “PRINCE Project Management Methodology, Project Success and Failure” is a convincing example of the assignment on management. Projects that are established in controlled environments are commonly known, as the PRINCE. Gray & Larson (2008) observe that the UK is one of the countries that highly employ the PRINCE project management methodology.…
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Information And Communication Technologies for Knowledge Management
The paper "Information And Communication Technologies for Knowledge Management" is a good example of an assignment on management. Knowledge Management (KM) is a field that cuts across many industries where it is applied to give the necessary in the development of the economy today. KM bases its credibility on validity and the performance-driven out of the new tactics proven by the results.…
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Managing Contracts and Risk
The paper "Managing Contracts and Risk" is a brilliant example of an assignment on management. The first requirement for a valid contract is an agreement between two parties (Educate-Em Business School Pty Ltd and, John Dory and Anne Chovie). The agreement is usually based on the rule of an offer and acceptance (Latimer 2011, p.359).…
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A Need of Having a Difficult Conversation
The paper "A Need of Having a Difficult Conversation" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. The main purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate how my behaviors impact on my approach to management. This paper will show that I am aware of my behavior and the relevance of that knowledge to management.…
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Network Rail and the Potters Bar Rail Crash
The paper "Network Rail and the Potters Bar Rail Crash" is a perfect example of a management assignment. In the current globalized world, most organizations are constantly facing competition, instability, and uncertainty. Disaster can befall any organization is it private or public, large or small at any time.…
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Delicious and Hudsons Cafs - Operational Management
The paper “Delicious and Hudson’s Cafés - Operational Management” is an impressive example of the assignment on management. Enclosed is the report requested by the national franchising headquarters for Hudson’s Coffee for records relating to complaints received about the service, quality, and cleanliness of the café.…
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Management Communication Issues
The paper “Management Communication Issues” is an impressive example of the assignment on management. Environmental cues are those cues or signals that surround an individual in order to inform him or her on what is happening and how to respond. Examples of such cues include physical, psychological, and the surrounding atmosphere.…
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Advanced Project Review & Project Plan
The paper "Advanced Project Review & Project Plan" is a perfect example of a management assignment. A critical review of the organization in the case study can be done to ensure that there is the best organizational structure, job descriptions, and flow of work, compensation, and work processes. The organization should, therefore, display efficiency, morale, and effectiveness in its operations.…
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Strategic Management at Vodafone
The paper 'Strategic Management at Vodafone" is a good example of a management assignment. A firm can be able to identify the primary and secondary activities that add value to its final product by conducting a value chain analysis. The value chain analysis describes the activities a firm undertakes in an endeavor to transform its inputs into outputs.…
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Accounting Information of Tesco PLC and British Telecommunications PLC
The paper "Accounting Information of Tesco PLC and British Telecommunications PLC" is a perfect example of a finance and accounting assignment. This research entails the analysis of two companies based on the criteria of four questions. In broad terms, the analysis covers the external and internal users of accounting information.…
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Health and Safety Facility Management
The paper 'Health and Safety Facility Management' is a great example of a Management Assignment. The duty of care imposed on stakeholders in a working environment dictates responsibilities in various areas. These tasks are aimed at protecting the stakeholders in their area of work. The duty of care prescribed by employers expects them to.…
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Brief Description of Industry and Easy Jet
The paper 'Brief Description of Industry and Easy Jet' is a great example of a Management Assignment. The success of a business is largely dependent on the manner in which they are able to grow and financial statement provides good information about it. Merely looking at the financial figures doesn’t provide any information but interpreting the same helps to understand it better.…
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Various Operations Management Tools
The paper "Various Operations Management Tools" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Operations management deals with process improvement in terms of both effectiveness and efficiency. Any process whether it involves services or manufacturing has to serve basically two important purposes. Firstly it should achieve the end result for which it is intended.…
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The Application of Global Strategic Management
The paper "The Application of Global Strategic Management" is a great example of a Management assignment. This paper will look at the strategic global management methods adopted by CSE Global in achieving its global goals. CSE Global’s main focus is to become a major company that runs various businesses associated with engineering in the world.…
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Managing Organizational Change Retail Rescue Plan for David Jones
The paper "Managing Organizational Change ‘Retail Rescue Plan for David Jones" is a great example of a Management assignment. This report was based on the article ‘Retail rescue plan for David Jones’. The report focused on managing organizational change. This report aims at determining the change theories and models.…
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Management Communication Issues
The paper "Management Communication Issues" is a perfect example of a management assignment. In this video, Glen Beck is of the opinion that the U.S president, Obama is on the verge of imitating a civil war as he has nothing to lose. Becks strongly argues that the U.S should be prepared to play the middle ground between the president and the Republicans as Obama is set to legalize illegal immigrants.…
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Capacity Management Strategies
The paper “Capacity Management Strategies” is a breathtaking example of the assignment on management. The global environment has paved the way to a case in which scholars have an increased focus on sustainability. Ideally, sustainability has the meaning of achieving the present needs in the absence of compromise of the ability of future needs to meet their needs.…
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Commercial Management of Projects, Procurement and Contracting
The paper "Commercial Management of Projects, Procurement and Contracting" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. The costs featured in the project's accounts reflect the overall costs incurred in running the project from its conception to termination. Project costs include labour costs in the form of wages and salaries, materials costs, overhead expenses, among other undertakings that consume the project’s finances.…
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Analysis of Communication Process
The paper "Analysis of Communication Process" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. The environment is an important area that needs to be looked at when undertaking any set of communication. This is due to the direct manner in which it impacts the content and the communication process.…
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Business Strategy and Adaptability
The paper "Business Strategy and Adaptability " is an outstanding example of a management assignment. The authors have pointed out some of the essential elements of the business environment that were traditionally used to analyze the industry in the past. They argue that the use of such elements to characterize the industry is outdated due to the dynamic nature of the market.…
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Generic Induction Program
The paper "Generic Induction Program" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. This is a system that guides the management of any organization the best techniques of ensuring the provision of quality services and the safety of their employees. Training systematically that a new employee must undergo is also captured here It is through the implementation of this program.…
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Hospitality Management: Policies and Procedures for Company Assets That Need Maintenance
The paper "Hospitality Management: Policies and Procedures for Company Assets That Need Maintenance" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Part 1 of this report deals with the proposed asset register that is crucial to the development of the company’s asset program as it can help preserve and maintain detailed information of each and every asset a company owned.…
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Supervision and Management Skills
The paper "Supervision and Management Skills" is a perfect example of a management assignment. An understanding supervisor seeks to understand before seeking to be understood (Romano 14). He should understand the diverse nature of his subordinates. This will enable him to handle his subordinates at the individual level and as a result, he will be understood without dissent when enforcing a policy (Whisenand 92).…
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