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Assignment Examples

Why Was the System of Industrial Relations in Australia Established
The paper 'Why Was the System of Industrial Relations in Australia Established" is a good example of a business assignment. In the early 1970s, Australian experienced adverse trade movements in relation to oil price which shocked as well as diminished the entire capacity of the Australian economy to sustain the rising living standards without actually affecting the chronic balance of payments.…
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Global Enterprise Environment
The paper "Global Enterprise Environment" is a great example of a business assignment. The situated knowledge has a significant context which is specified, attained by individuals with time, by working at specific sites and having formal and informal communications with others who are also working there.…
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Performance Measurement in Organisations - Apple
The paper "Performance Measurement in Organisations - Apple" is an outstanding example of a business assignment. Corporate social accounting can be defined as a form of accounting carried out by a business organisation to place significance on the impact its undertakings have on the community.…
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In the Modern Workplace, Management Is in Control and Employees Have No Autonomy
The paper "In the Modern Workplace, Management Is in Control and Employees Have No Autonomy" is a good example of a management assignment. According to experts, workers who believe that they are free to make choices in their workplace and also be accountable for their own decisions have happier working time and more productivity.…
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Employment Relations in Non-union Firms
The paper 'Employment Relations in Non-union Firms' is a great example of a Business Assignment. One commonality can be seen in terms of the point that members of both the design department and the assembly department of LIPC Integration Plc. are not satisfied with the performance-related pay and reward system that is being implemented by the organization. …
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The Curious Case of Corporate Tax Avoidance
The paper 'The Curious Case of Corporate Tax Avoidance 'is a great example of a Business Assignment. In “Brussels criticizes Apple’s Irish tax deals” article, the EU had released a letter to the Irish Government and its reasons why it believes Apple Inc was given special tax deal between 1991 and 2007 to reduce its tax liabilities, and this was against the international standard. …
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Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results
The paper "Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results" is a good example of a business assignment. SCAS (South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust) begun in 2006 as a mobile provider of healthcare. It was formed following the merger of the Hampshire Ambulance Service, the Royal Berkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, and the Oxford Ambulance Services NHS Trust.…
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The Three Theories of Regulation
The paper "The Three Theories of Regulation" is a perfect example of a finance and accounting assignment. Over the years, arguments and debates have been made in regard to the significance of regulation. On the one hand, non-supporters of regulation belief in the stability of markets to operate on their own to best serve society, utilizing the allocation of resources.…
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Total Quality Management, Intellectual Property, Company Innovations
The paper "Total Quality Management, Intellectual Property, Company Innovations " is a great example of a business assignment. Total quality management (TQM) is a management approach or philosophy that originated in the 1950s and it has gained much popularity since the early 1980s. “Total Quality Management (TQM) is a continuous set of the mindset that keeps on improvement processes for individuals, groups.…
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Marshall & Gordon - Human Resource Management
The paper "Marshall & Gordon - Human Resource Management " is a good example of a management assignment. Marshall & Gordon is an international and global public relations firm, offering various services across the world. The company is a market leader with a large market segment. Even though the firm has positioned itself well in the market, it requires new strategies so as to survive the stiff competition it faces in the market.…
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Social Media Engagement Policy of Telstra
The paper "Social Media Engagement Policy of Telstra" is a good example of a business assignment. This report has been prepared in a problem-solving format by addressing solutions to specific questions of social media engagement policy of Telstra. The report looks to provide a clear understanding of knowledge of the case study and also provides ways for how Telstra could improve their position in the current working scenario.…
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The Evolution of the Tactics Employed by the Unions
The paper "The Evolution of the Tactics Employed by the Unions" is a great example of a business assignment. In recent years, there has been a shift in the strategies employed by trade unions to carry out their mandate especially due to their declining memberships. One of them is servicing which is strongly founded on the external workplace activities of the unions (Teicher, Holland & Gough, 2013).…
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Comparison of Asda, Marks and Spencer and Tesco
The paper "Comparison of Asda, Marks and Spencer and Tesco" is a perfect example of a business assignment. Challenges of consumerism globally vary with regional locations. United kingdom has major of its challenges in the supermarkets and manufacturing sector while with recognition of the Indian they exhibit problematic handling of consumerism underuse of the slave-related actions on their labor force.…
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Corporate Governance and Fraud
The paper 'Corporate Governance and Fraud' is a great example of a Business Assignment. The 21st Century marked the collapse of high profile corporate organizations in Australia. Examples of the collapse of high profile organizations include HIH that was considered as the second-largest insurance company and OneTel that was regarded as the fourth-largest telecommunications company.…
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What Is Professional Skepticism, Results of the ASIC Audit Inspection
The paper "What Is Professional Skepticism, Results of the ASIC Audit Inspection " is a perfect example of a finance and accounting assignment. Professional scepticism is a condition in which the mind is prepared to find out errors or question various financial events while performing assurance engagements (Bagshaw, 2013).…
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Understanding Financial Management
The paper 'Understanding Financial Management ' is a perfect example of a Finance and Accounting Assignment. In the year 2006, The Company experienced significant growth in the revenues from AED 8.361 Billion to AED 14.006 Billion an increase of 60% compared to the previous year. In 2007, the revenues grew slightly from AED 14.006 Billion to AED 17.566 Billion a 25% compared to the prior year. …
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Analysing the Vision Statement and Identifying the Problem Areas
The paper 'Analysing the Vision Statement and Identifying the Problem Areas" is a good example of a business assignment. The vision statement of company X has only focused on short term strategies. They have given the first priority to the profit-making instead of giving the customer's priority number one. For a company to flourish, the vision should focus on quality products and services to the consumers.…
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Suitable Ethical Code for the Client
The paper 'Suitable Ethical Code for the Client' is a great example of a Business Assignment. The definition of the term ethics dates back to Plato and Aristotle. Ethics was derived from a Greek word, ethnos, meaning character, conduct, and/or customs (Mahdavi 2009). It concerns what values and morals are considered right by individuals and society at large. …
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Business Decision-Making Issues
The paper 'Business Decision-Making Issues' is a great example of a Business Assignment. Advantages of mean –mean make use of every value in the data and hence is considered a good representative of the data (Foster 2001). In addition, mean is the only measure of central tendency that best resists the fluctuation between different samples and is the most common measure of dispersion.…
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Consultancy Management Techniques
The paper "Consultancy Management Techniques" is a perfect example of a management assignment. A heuristic is often correct general decisions that people or managers make using very limited available information. They are mainly regarded as shortcuts that reduce the cognitive burden that accompanies the decision-making process.…
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Marks and Spencer - Conflict between Shareholders, Tesco Management
The paper "Marks and Spencer - Conflict between Shareholders, Tesco Management" is a good example of a business assignment. The case of Mark and Spencer is a good illustration of how such conflicts arise in a business environment (Moore, Cain, Loewenstein & Bazerman 2005). Marks and Spencer created their own market niche that stayed ahead for a long duration.…
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The Controls in the Organization
The paper 'The Controls in the Organization' is a great example of a management assignment. To prevent fraud from occurring, the non-profit government organization should strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of internal control. Internal control involves the adoption of procedures and methods in an organization.…
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Orklis International Strategy
The paper "Orklis International Strategy " is a good example of a business assignment. While most companies pursue internationalization path for purposes of growth, the main drive of Orkli’s foreign expansion is its socio-economic mission. Wealth creation is one of the main missions pursued by Orkli, and for that reason, the company has opened foreign sales and production assets that offer a positive spill-over effect.…
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Corporate Governance Issues and the Duty of Care of the Directors of Limited Companies
The paper "Corporate Governance Issues and the Duty of Care of the Directors of Limited Companies" is a great example of a business assignment.  Women representation is a key corporate governance (CG) issue in the Tesco group. Tesco has ensured that it has reached 27% board female representation which is above 25% as recommended and advised by Lord Davis in the year 2011 (Tesco PLC, 2016).…
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Role and Importance of Job Analysis and Job Design
The paper "Role and Importance of Job Analysis and Job Design" is a good example of a human resources assignment. Job analysis and job design are terms that are often confused. Job analysis involves the study of jobs as they are currently performed by the employees within an organization. It involves identification of the job duties and the requirements necessary to perform the task or work successfully.…
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