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Assignment Examples

Compilation of Assignments and Quizzes
The paper "Compilation of Assignments and Quizzes" is a good example of a Business assignment.  Globalization is a concept that is increasingly becoming common among most companies. As companies are going global, human resource management is also affected. Global human resource management is aimed at ensuring that organizations are able to deal with the global human resource management challenges (Gavino, 2012) . …
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Reflections on the Values
The paper "Reflections on the Values" is an amazing example of a Business assignment. From the survey results of my values, hope is ranking high of the twenty-four values closely followed by honesty. Other values on the top five in order of strength included perseverance, kindness, and leadership. The values with low strength in the bottom five of the twenty-four values included a love of learning, curiosity, humility, and forgiveness.…
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DREAMS Wedding Consultants Business Plan
The paper "DREAMS Wedding Consultants Business Plan" is an impressive example of a Business assignment. Dreams is a wedding planning and consultancy group that offers the following services to its clients: grooming lessons, setting up of events, confirmation of vendor services, attendance and coordination of rehearsals, supervision of both ceremonies and reception setup, and budget planning.…
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Analysis of the Newspaper Piece by Say 2015
The paper "Analysis of the Newspaper Piece by Say 2015" is an amazing example of a Business assignment. This essay will analyze Pav Suy’s (2015) article titled “Strikes a symptom of the ailing industry: study”. The article by Suy (2015) discusses a study that was conducted on the issue of the increasing employee strikes in textile and footwear factories in Cambodia.…
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Business Exam Paper
The paper "Business Exam Paper" is an impressive example of a Business assignment. From the World Bank datasheet, Morocco experienced average annual GDP growth of 5.1% between 2011 and 2015. As an emerging economy, therefore, this implies low economic growth hence portending a medium economic risk for the country.…
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The UK Horse Meat Scandal of 2012
The paper "The UK Horse Meat Scandal of 2012" is an amazing example of a Business assignment. Current supply chain management (SCM) literature provides a range of definitions of the supply chain. A prevailing definition, according to Cutting-Decelle et al. (2007, p73), is that the supply chain is a system that consists of several stakeholders.…
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Business Plan Assessment
The paper "Business Plan Assessment" is a good example of a Business assignment. The business will be a Chinese fine dining restaurant located in Gold Coast Southport China town. The restaurant will mainly offer high-quality Chinese cuisines to its customers. The name of the business will be Xing Shing restaurant. It will be large and it will occupy two stories and it will have a total of 200 tables.…
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HSBC Bank Oman Literature
The paper "HSBC Bank Oman Literature" is an amazing example of a Business assignment. The aim of writing this report is to discuss the operational problems facing the HSBC Bank Oman. Also, the report will aim at explaining how HSBC initially operated before it merged with Oman International Bank (OIB).…
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Strategic Analysis Process and Implementation in Strategic
The paper "Strategic Analysis Process and Implementation in Strategic" is an amazing example of a Business assignment. The strategic analysis describes an enterprise's condition regarding its environment, resources and skills, and stakeholders' expectations, and their influence on the enterprise. Questions are drawn at this stage help in decision making on the strategic choice. …
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Project Management Assessment
The paper "Project Management Assessment" is a decent example of a Business assignment. The major reasons why many potentially good and important projects fail include a lack of understanding, complexity, and poor communication or lack of communication. Lack of understanding can concern nearly any aspect of the project life cycle.…
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The Key Aspects of Company and Country Analysis
The paper "The Key Aspects of Company and Country Analysis" is a great example of a Business assignment. Tesco is a British multinational grocery as well as general merchandise retailer with headquarters in Welwyn city, Hertfordshire England in the United Kingdom (Tesco PLC 2016). …
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Elevator Pitch
The paper "Elevator Pitch" is a good example of a Business assignment.  I describe my life as one which has been influenced by many people. This is due to the effects that the actions of the people have had not only on my personal life but also on the world population and economies at large. The person who inspires my everyday undertaking is Richard Branson.…
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Business Portfolio
The paper "Business Portfolio" is a good example of a Business Assignment. My name is Samia. I am originally from China. I am a student at Harvard University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in business level one (majoring in Accounting). Am currently looking for an opportunity where I can be more involved in the firm operations in order to nourish my skills that  I have learned in the field of accounting to assist the running of the organization.  …
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Journal Entries
The paper "Journal Entries" is a good example of a Business assignment. This paper is a display of the journal entries for the critical display on the recent events and stories that have made news for having raised very important ethical issues. In the presentation of the events, the paper identifies a number of ethical related topics which include:  virtue ethics, deontological ethics, consequentiality ethics, justice, and sustainable world.…
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Whether or Not Corporations Can Be a Force for Social Sustainability
The paper "Whether or Not Corporations Can Be a Force for Social Sustainability" is a perfect example of a business assignment. In my opinion, corporations can indeed be a force for social sustainability. People need social sustainability as a way of providing not only equality but also a good quality of life, especially to less fortunate communities.…
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Journal Reflecting Individual Learning
The paper "Journal Reflecting Individual Learning" is a great example of a Business assignment. Based on the unit that I undertook, there are a number of tasks that assisted me in learning but in different magnitude in that, some tasks assisted me in learning greatly while others assisted me least. I learned greatly from the chapter that dealt with the nature of morality and more so why ethics in business matters.…
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Personal Development Planning Assessment
The paper "Personal Development Planning Assessment" is an impressive example of a Business assignment. Personal development planning is one of the most effective ways for professionals and students to achieve excellence and better progress in their respective areas. …
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The Key Aspects of Computational Analytics for Value Networks
The paper "The Key Aspects of Computational Analytics for Value Networks" is a Business assignment.  The emergency department is faced with the reality of receiving emergence cases that requires the same attention. Many emergency departments do not want to perceive waiting and delays in providing emergency services. The case presented shows that there are significant obstacles that may cause delays and saving life.…
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Computational Analytics of Value Networks
The paper "Computational Analytics of Value Networks" is an amazing example of a Business assignment. DEA analysis describes a performance measurement technique used to evaluate the performance of different decision-making units (DMU). It helps decision-makers too. Calculate an efficiency score for a firm. This helps determine whether a firm is efficient or has room to improve.…
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Country Analysis: China and India Assessment
The paper "Country Analysis: China and India Assessment" is a good example of a Business assignment. Multinational companies wishing to invest in foreign countries must conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the political, economic, legal, technological, social-cultural, and business environments of those countries because making an informed decision whether to invest in those countries or not.…
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Possible Solutions to Traffic Congestions that Happen in Hong Kong
The paper "Possible Solutions to Traffic Congestions that Happen in Hong Kong" is an amazing example of a Business assignment. The needs of the customers can be categorized into 3 different classes according to the Kano Business Model. The business model majorly related to the customer needs for new products and services.…
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The Key Aspects of Evaluating Risk Management in Agribusiness
The paper "The Key Aspects of Evaluating Risk Management in Agribusiness" is a great example of a Business assignment. 

Question One:

Estimation of Joint, marginal and posterior probabilities, and Bayes’ theorem Joint probability;

The joint probability measures the likelihood of two events occurring at the same time. The calculation below shows risk exposure by the farmers as a result of potato late blight fungus (PLBF);

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Short Answers for Business Questions
The paper "Short Answers for Business Questions" is a good example of a Business assignment. The volume of wheat export in Australia has been increasing each year. For instance in the year 2015-16 the volume increased by 2% this is according to the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics (ABARES). The increased production of wheat within the country has led to a high level of wheat exportation.…
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Summative Assessment of Applied Buyer Behaviour In Global Context
The paper "Summative Assessment of Applied Buyer Behaviour In Global Context" is an impressive example of a Business assignment. Nike marketing is one of the most effective emotional branding in the marketing segment currently. This is a brand that is founded on a hero’s story which is turned on its head. It is noted that, instead of singling out an external enemy with an aim of inspiring customer loyalty.…
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Car Wash Project
The paper "Car Wash Project" is an amazing example of a Business assignment. Technology-oriented businesses have become a trend in the contemporary world. In this century, approximately half of the total population in the world owns automobiles, be it a motorcycle, cars, buses, or any other kind of vehicle.…
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