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The paper "Essentials of Service Marketing" is an excellent example of a research paper on marketing. This project review summarizes the research and it provides the on what was encountered in the process of looking for the information. In the review recommendation have been given on how challenges encountered can be overcome. The review findings of the research have been highlighted. Online survey The survey questionnaires were presented online to participants and various issues emerged in the process. Some of the potential respondents wanted a lot of clarification about the whole project. They inquired if they could be involved and what they were likely to gain.

In some of the incidences, the respondents were more interested in obtaining help indicating that they had a close relative who they suspect could be suffering from the disease. There are some of the questionnaires which were filled partially and these were rejected. Some of the respondents needed a lot of explanation on exactly how donations raised by the charity are spent. Some of the respondents felt that these could be a way of swindling money from people.

This, therefore, called for patience in explaining the issues to the respondents. In some cases, the group members were reported to have been impolite in the responses they gave to the inquiries which were made. It, therefore, came out clearly that there is a great need for people involved in such projects to be advised on good public relations. Some of the respondents also thought that filling the questionnaire online was not the best as it meant that there was a lack of commitment. They felt that it would be better if the questionnaires were presented in-person to enable any clarification to be made to respondents at the field level.

This could have been one of the explanations for some of the questionnaires being partially filled with some respondents promising to fill the questionnaires but they failed to do so. Some of the group members felt that it could be fun if this would have been done through the presentation of the questionnaires to the respondents in person. The group members were reminded of the challenges of going to the field in person including more monetary resources being required, and chances of the members influencing the answers given in the questionnaire. The focus group and general research outcome The focus group meeting started by establishing the mood for the discussion.

There was the introduction session where the moderator gave a chance to the group members to introduce themselves starting with the group members. The introduction was a lively session with some of the group members insisting that they needed the official names plus the nicknames of the participants. Some of the members went further to request the cell phone numbers saying that it was good to keep in touch after the discussion so as to keep each other posted on “ prostate cancer” . 

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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