Essays on Sugar Substitutes and Blood Glucose Level Assignment

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The paper "Sugar Substitutes and Blood Glucose Level" is a worthy example of an assignment on medical science. Sugar belongs to the carbohydrates category of biopolymers that interfere in the biological processes in the living bodies (Stick & Williams, 2009). Carbohydrates play a fundamental role in human development as modifications at particular sites in the glycan chain may modulate a carbohydrate’ s overall biological role (Muthana, Campbell, & Gildersleeve, 2012). However, the consumption of sugar is usually associated with heightened noncommunicable diseases. A developing body of scientific data is demonstrating that fructose can activate processes that extend to liver toxicity and multitude to other chronic sicknesses.

However, consumption in a small amount is not referred to as a problem but increased consumption kills slowly. In ancient times, our ancestors could consume sugar which was available as fruit restricted to the harvesting time or as honey which was protected by bees. But with the evolving modern technologies, it has been added to almost all forms of processed foods and therefore the consumer has limited options to decline the sugar consumption. Nature made it hard to access but the man scientific evolution eased its access.

People on average, all over the globe, are consuming more than 500 calories/ day on average. The many diseases that are considered to be associated with the increased consumption of sugar include hypertension (the quantity of uric acid is increased by fructose which in turn enhances blood pressure); elevated triglycerides and insulin immunity through production of fat within the liver; diabetes from augmented liver glucose production mixed with insulin immunity; and the phenomenon of ageing, induced by damaged DNA, proteins and lipids by nonenzymatic adhering of fructose to them (Lustig, 2010).

Thus it can be said that sugar poses similar toxic effects similar to alcohol on the liver. As alcohol is obtained by the fermentation of sugar and is said to have similar properties of inducing pleasure although being a natural nutrient (Lustig, Schmidt, and Brindis, 2012). The government should regulate sugar supply but a ban like that imposed on alcohol and cigarettes. However the increased in-take can be limited by imposing taxes and removing subsidies on the over usage of fructose in the processed food items; limiting the availability of fast food to younger people by imposing a complete ban on the sale of such products during school hours and by removing fructose form Generally Regarded As Safe list (Tappy et al, 2010).

Yes, sugar substitutes like artificial sweeteners are better for consumption as they do not disturb the blood glucose level.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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