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Important of social networking in business Erik Qualman is a for the website Engine Watch and one of the most talented writers in the world. Social media has a big impact on the lives of most individuals in the world. The author introduces the concept of social economics as a concept where businesses need to transform their strategies to meet the anxiety of the social media. Corporations and businesses need to know that nowadays most customers rely on the social media as a source of information (Qualman, 601).

Social play is the use of social media by businesses to achieve their targets. Social play is the use of social media to make sure the company reaches its target. Volkswagen is one of the brands that I use on a daily basis. It has a high social play because of their marketing department. During the super bowl, the giant making car company made sure its ads were on numerous sites. Increased use of social media enables most companies increase their sales. The author argues that it is easy for an individual to connect to other individuals through social sites.

It is because individuals spend less time on the searching for things online. Creation of interesting applications or game is useful strategies that can help t increase the sales of the company. The application and set should contain adverts o the products the corporations wish to market. A good marketing strategy helps brands to sell themselves. Social commerce is growing with the development of numerous social sites (Qualman, 615). 2. Creation of a Tumblr account has enabled many individuals to market their goods online.

Tumblr is a simple online site that provides an environment for sharing of ideas and concepts. I created an account on Tumblr and learnt five major things. First, I learnt that when searching for a product online. It is important to have the focus on dealing with products online. Creation of unique products is crucial because it attracts the attention of most individuals online. I learnt that when creating individual products it is important to keep focus. Secondly, I discovered that having the right name and product features is necessary for online advertising.

Good product features bring out the theme in products. The first impression of a product in determining the impact, the product will have on the consumer. Tumblr has many free themes in their sites that offer options for individuals who want to create thing online. A good online marketer would select a good blog name to help market a product online. Thirdly, I found out that pictures are important than texts images on a website. There are numerous pages created online on a daily basis, but most of them do not have pictures.

Images offer more depth of a product or service than texts messages. Fourthly, it is significant to choose posts that will improve the views of the products online. An individual should spend time selecting the most interesting pictures online. Finally, keeping track on competitors is an important move to know the steps the competitors is making. 3. Amplicate is one of the tools listed in the book by the author. It means to find out what people love or hate on the social media (Qualman, 642).

It is important to find out what individuals love or hate in the social media. What individuals say in the social media is important in the development of a good marketing strategy. It is vital to know what most people love or hate in the social media. It is because it creates a representative of the things the marketer should do to reach a large number of customers. HowSociable is a tool that measures the brand magnitude of an individual product. It measures how the product has infiltrated the public (Qualman, 643).

It helps in establishing the impact of the product to the society. Estimating how the public likes the product helps in planning and coordination of activities in the producing company. The author identifies Crowdspoke, and it helps in the creation of relevant facts to share with the customers online. It assists in developing products according to the expectation of the customer. Sharing of information with the client facilitates most companies to create that match the taste and preference of the customers. Production will be according to the specification of the customer. Mylikes is a social media tool that supports the publishers to promote the content of company trough social networks.

The strategy supports the idea that most of the consumers will always be aware of their products online. Assisting promoters to market their products online helps to sell the goods and services online. Finally, the social twist is another tool that is used to get more customers online by the use of social referrals (Qualman, 645). It is important to acquire more customers to boost the sales of the business.

Getting new customers is one of the objectives of an established corporation. Well-known brands always go out to look for new customers to increase their sales. 4. As a product marketer to make a product go viral depends on the position of the product in the market. How the customer receives, the product will be a great influence on how the product goes viral. In the determination of how the customer receives the product, it is important to know what the customer and care about the product.

Figuring out what the customer likes and cares about is the primary tool to drive a product to go viral. 5. I have shared videos of myself selling a laptop and a phone respectively. The first video was on Facebook, and I successfully sold my laptop to raise money for another one with better specs. The second video I shared in Instagram, similarly I was sharing a video of my phone to my friends on Instagram indicating my interest to sell the product. 6. Burberry and Four Seasons are international brands know for their provision of luxury goods and services respectively.

Burberry deals with luxury clothing while Four Seasons deals with the provision of hotel services online. The companies have come up with numerous tactics useful in growing the consumer base online. Burberry created a Facebook page for their customers to post pictures of the best clothing from Burberry. It indicates they used the customer pleasure to increase their fan base. One of the strategies both companies use is to place the relevant post on their social media accounts. The companies have built an online environment that readily allows their customers to access their products and services.

This strategy increases the sales of both companies annually. Burberry made a mobile version of their sites allow most of their customer access goods online. Work cited Qualman, Erik. Socialnomics. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2009. Print.

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