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Business Communication Question There are different communication problems that face a company. Language barrier is one of the main problems facing communication. Individuals from different societies communicate differently. Divergent communication is also another communication problem facing the company. Pre-merger communication is also a key communication problem that has led to collapse of companies (Cheng 2012, p. 117). Question 2 The researcher used a case study as his methodology to get the information. He used the information from the company’s website, sales and annual reports. The researcher also collected the information from the company’s discourse before and after acquisition primarily from B and Q Taipei headquarters.

He supplemented this information from other sources and coverage provided by media (Cheng 2012, p. 119). Question 3 Communication problems can cause the business to fail to achieve its goals, through creating unachievable targets. Communication problems can also enhance cultural differences among workers in a company. During mergers, communication problems can hinder the commitment required for effective agreement and operation of acquisition, thus jeopardizing the operations of the affected companies (Cheng 2012, p. 121). Question 4 No, the article is not easy to understand.

In his article structure, the author failed to clearly communicate a sense of purpose to the readers. He poorly extended the boundaries of knowledge to the reader. He failed to offer a clear explanation of the impact the findings had on the topic. He preferred to use short sentences in his writing style. This made him unable to be thorough on his approach to each of the topic he addressed. The author failed to clearly introduce, elaborate and conclude each single point he discussed. He opted to use direct language to report to the audience.

He used direct words and terms that the main researchers used (Stellmann 2010, p. 65). To improve the article readability, the author could have used more comprehensible language by rewriting the findings in more straightforwardly. He could have keenly selected verbs to use in his article. This would have helped reduce confusion brought by integration of past tenses and present tenses in his work. Question 5 Lessons Learnt Communication and culture are two related concepts that hugely determine failure or success of an organization.

Cultural differences can cause a business to fail to achieve its plans. It can jeopardize a company’s attempt to strengthen its chances of succeeding in foreign markets. This is because lack of intense consideration of business culture can lead to its failure to merge with other companies, thus weakening its chances to improve its operation. In his research he found out that during acquisition, clear and constant communication can prevent merging companies from damaging rumors. He also found out that a better communication strategy and a high level of employee relationship building is needed to gain acquired employees’ trust.

This is practically manifested in BenQ-Siemens link. They failed to put in place better communication strategies, thus allowing spread of rumors of how they overworked their employees. This attracted criticism of these companies from the media and political leaders. Their failures to create good employee relationships practically caused blame from the juniors who accused their bosses for mistreatment. This hugely affected the performance of these two companies in Germany. References Cheng, SS 2012, ‘Cultural differences and communication issues in international mergers and acquisitions’, BenQ debacle, viwed, https: //docs. google. com/viewer? a=v&pid=gmail&attid=0.1&thid=13b9eceb001503ef&mt=application/pdf&url=https: //mail. google. com. Stellmann, S 2010, The impact of cultural differences on the Daimler Chrysler merger, GRIN Verlag.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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