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The paper "Business Improvement Strategies" is a brilliant example of a case study on business. Revolution of Information Technology inscribes to a generational change in technology and scientific invention. Technology in the information age has influenced human life much more than envisaged through the ease of communication and affordability. The Community Information Centers (CICs) constitute new schemes that have been undertaken in the remotest states of Australia. Owing to the government call for freedom from distance, a number of technologies used have not managed to give students the opportunities to identify and select the type of learning objects inclusive in the depth of study of each object, and their final assessment portfolio with regard to job relevance, personal interests, inclination, and time (Kraan 2003). The centers have not designed and appealed to the corporate sectors, higher education and an international audience.

They need to provide and support several possible levels of engagement and a variety of substitutable topics. The Community Information Centre is yet to be recognized as a citizen and student kiosk having a combination of PC models in which the citizen can obtain citizen-centric services, e-learning, e-governance, and e-commerce.

There is still a gap in students’ access to databases having a variety of information related to disaster management, agricultural marketing, public health, and employment opportunities. The CICs at present is characterized by effective connectivity. Need for the business plan   The CIC Project's business plan is to envisage usage of Information Technology, advertising and delivery of services to citizens for instance e-governance, Telemedicine, and e-learning. The CICs' potential customers are public and government institutions that provide the citizens with socio-economic databases due to its flexible access (Bisson & 2000).

The organization has state of the art equipment such as printers, computers, and Webcam. The advantage over its competitors is in the effectiveness of its connectivity. The marketing strategy is to have suitable content so as to effectively utilize the infrastructure available. The products are the different types of forms that can be digitized to aid on-line applications and certificate issuance. This content has been considered relevant to the local needs of students and other users in Australia. The center has sufficient financial resources and back end capacity.

The organization will be state government machinery needed in the implementation of effective Citizen-centric services. The business model is in the facilitation of effective G2C services developed for databases having a variety of essential information.   he creation of CICs became a means to apply the benefits of Information Technology (IT) to schools and universities specifically in the remote areas of Australia. Government of Australia (GOA) has had its scheme sanctioned by setting up of CICs in all blocks in Queensland and New South Wales states (Weller 2002).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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