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The paper "Legal Advice to the Involved Parties" is a wonderful example of a Law Case Study. In preparation for Lucy’ s weddings, her mother hired three service providers who were to deliver their services on that material day. The service providers were; Mr. Leslie whose service was to cater for foods, Mr. Johnson was to give the car for the bride and finally Mrs. Kay was to take care of the wedding photos. One month before the wedding day, Mrs. Lastic, Lucy’ s mum paid for the wedding services. However, seven days before the wedding, Mr.

Johnson who had agreed to provide the bridal car, sold his car to Mildred on condition that, she will make sure the car was available for hire at Lucy’ s wedding. When Lucy’ s mother contacted Mildred a few days before the wedding in order to make sure that the car was still available, Mildred denied having any arrangement with Mr. Johnson on giving out her car during the wedding. Lucy’ s mother was forced to look for another car which was very expensive. Thereafter, she planned to sue Mildred for the inconveniences she caused on her daughter's wedding.

The photographs that were taken by Mrs. Kay came out improperly because her cameras jammed, on top of this, the food service provided by Mr. Leslie caused illness to the visitors for the chicken that was offered was infected by the microorganism. As a matter of fact, it’ s so clear that Lucy and her mother did not like all the services that were provided to them. Therefore they went on a task to sue all the service providers on condition that, Mr.

Johnson who had received the full payment for his car, went on and sold it to Mildred, thus breaching the agreed contract. On the other hand, Mr. Leslie and Mrs. Kay provided services that were not of good quality and expected standard. Case analysis; The major legal issues that can be recognized in the above scene entail breaching of contracts. It is evident that Mrs. Lastic had on purpose entered into a contract with the three service providers with the aim of acquiring quality and standard services in her daughter's wedding.

Basing on their agreed contract, Mr. Johnson was to give out his white Rolls Royce as the bridal car. Mr. Leslie was to offer the food services while Mrs. Kay was to take care of the wedding photography. In law, a contract is regarded as a legally biding agreement. When both groups admit to particular terms in either written form or done orally, an agreement is attained automatically. Nevertheless, it is very important that both groups are in a capacity to show evidence that they without a doubt entered into a contract by offering material prove in form of the contract itself or by demonstrating to the spoken terms in the contract (Smith & Keenan 2007). Failure to carry out the agreed tasks as outlined in the conditions of the contract is obviously considered a breach of contract.

A number of legal actions can be put into practice following the event that a contract is breached. In most cases, the parties that breach the contract, according to the law system they are always subjected to certain penalties. For example, in situations where an agreed contract was breached, the damages are compensated for to the parties that were affected as an outcome of the breached party.

Compensatory damages appear in two forms namely, direct and consequential damage. Compensatory damages are given to the affected party with the aim of compensating them for the damages and losses they suffered out of the breached contract (Adams 2006).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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