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Business Plan April 28, Table of Contents Introduction There are several factors that defineevent planning, and it is important that event planning properly markets and the demonstration to make the event grow. A portfolio that is professional has the advantage as it will help in launching a success in the event planned, additionally the talent of the planner will be showcased, together with creativity and accuracy. This report provides an explorative journey on an event planning portfolio. The event, dubbed UNIX, set up at a unique location in an up market street in the city.

The vision and mission of the event was to provide a quality and timely food and service to the clients. The event advertised in the main Medias in the city and we expect virtually every person within the vicinity of the area to attend, however, due to the nature of the function rampaging youths between the age of 18 to 30 are twice more likely to attend the function than any other age group. The main strategy of the function, particular with regards to the planning of the event is to effectively reach out to a large number of the targeted clients.

People The function is heavily reliant on the human factor for its success. Employees working on the event would be a modest 12 people who would receive income that are modest and non comparable to the industry. Overall, the business would be lead by the manager, who must perform a number of functions including operations, purchasing and sales. Under the manager there would be three group of sub managers; accounts, chef and the final one in charge of the waiters.

. Under the sub managers in charge of the three different units there are cashiers at the tills, waiters are chefs. Cashiers would be three, four chefs and six waiters to carry out the functions properly. As a rule and to clearly identify the groups from the clients a requirement has been set that include a provision of distinct fabrics among the different staff members. The chefs would be expected to put on the traditional chef uniform that and attire, where as the waiters and cashiers, and since they occupy the front place in the business, they would be expected to put on a white shirt and accompanying lack pants.

These attires would be provided by the firm before commencing operations and they would form a part of the assets of the organisation. The function operates daily between 4:00 Pm in the evening to 11:00 PM in the dead of the night. As a rule all the staff members must converge for a meeting everyday for briefings and braining storming. The manager must lead the meetings in all functions and events, and during those events communication policy at the company demand that the staff members must provide a raft of communication to the manager to gauge the level of interactions.

A sub manager must be selected in every meeting to serve as the temporary secretary to record the minutes of the meetings. Financial Planning and Control Financial planning and control will follow a rigid budgetary process that has its foothold on a study carried out previously to determine the potential sales from previous and related ventures.

Given the estimated the numbers of clients that are likely to the event, sales and cash policies have been developed. An average of 200 people must attend daily the function and given that a pair must purchase products totalling to £ 50 for each meal. This is the selling price for each portion for each menu item regardless of the type; rather the quantity is the defining factor. The menu on available will cater for both vegans and the non vegans. Since the estimated sales per day have been pegged on the number of attendees to the events and production would follow a similar pattern.

The total value of material foods stuffs and other complimentary production materials would add up to £ 35 for each meal. Anticipated Receipt of Cash from the sales of food portions 1. The company anticipates a sale of its of all its products weekly 2. Of the sales, 60% are expected to be received in cash in the month the sale, and the remaining part to be collected in the following month.

Production 1. The entire weekly product, all portions would be produced in the same week. The high number of customer base in the city from the feasibility study will buy all the products. Process and Systems Customers are expected to take their respective seats on the space provided and thereafter the waiters serving all around shall take orders individually and deliver such information to the kitchen, thereafter such information will be passed to the cashiers via the respective sub manger. The process of taking of an order is expected to take not more than 10 minutes and thereafter a 5 minutes time lag between receipt of order in the kitchen and delivery to the customer.

An effective customer service in this industry ultimately determines the rate of customer retention capabilities. A rigorous health and safety plan must be carried with the aid of the local authority and a number of safety measures and codes in conformity with the standards. Customer The layout of the house is a very comprehensive outlay for an easier access to the products. The seating arrangements are strategically placed spaced roughly a meter apart to accommodate every customers and a table must contain at least four chairs.

The arrangement provides a convenient space both for the customer and the waiter and the manager occasionally to walk through and perform their functions. Performance Plan This is a plan and a number of factors must define the areas of performance and utilizing the areas defined under the balanced score card, they include: financial aspect, customer perspective, internal business processes and innovation and learning perspective. . Biazzo & Garengo, (2012) point out that the presence of a number of indicators coupled with the critical success factors, given the position of a company in the industry should be crucial and the defining statement of the balance scorecard Additionally there are other tools that complement and add value to this tool of performance planning, for instance the staff survey instrument and since the staff would be few, such a process would be easy to conjure.

To improve on the number and the level of customer service, to build a large customer base, small pieces of market would be constantly conducted.

Economic theory assert that businesses are set up with the main motive of making profit, and such as a key financial goal reduction of operating expenses would be the main focus of the company. As an internal process objective, the firm would put up the tempo by accepting money from online platforms. To constantly gauge and improve customer service from the employees, as it is the foundation upon profitability, psychometric assessments would be constantly carried out. Conclusion and summary This report provides an overview of the process that is involved in building a successful business plan for a front house service restaurant.

Employee, customer, financial plans and controls and the performance plan forms key elements under the plan. Monetary gain which is £15 out of every £50 sales has been predicted, and after the commencement of operations and a raft of performance plans would aid in aid in fostering the plan to fruition. Bibliography Biazzo, S., & Garengo, P. (2012). Performance measurement with the balanced scorecard a practical approach to implementation within SMEs.

Berlin, Springer. http: //dx. doi. org/10.1007/978-3-642-24761-3.

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