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The paper "Kaasagat Freight Company SWOT Analysis" is an outstanding example of a business plan.   The mission of Kaasagat Freight Company is to fulfill shipping brokerage services i. e. purchase contracts, shipping, warehousing, and delivery timetabling. This company will deal with special and cultural forwarders from Australia to China. Our consultation services will be created under Taach-Asis co-ops. 1.1 The Company Kaasagat Freight Company will be a partnership registered n the Victoria for tax purposes. It is initiated by Raymond Lelei, a retired bank manager with Desmond Keitany. Mr. Lelei has been a good group leader and managing finances for 12 years. The company will be having a limited number of shareholders and has no plan to go public.

It will have its main office in Victoria, Australia. It has a plan for facilities such as a conference room and office spaces. This company plan to begin its services in July. 1.1.1The Services Kaasagat provides exhaustive freight brokerage and inventory consultation services. This may include: Client-server identification Purchasing, contracting and consulting Shipping Warehousing Delivery 1.1.2 The Market Kaasagat will be concerned with servicing only three clients, the promise shops of Victoria, royal and Taach-Asis co-ops.

For these market segments, we have agreed on endorsements placing us on position to services them. The profitability in these tree markets is expected to excel, bearing in mind that he promise draws thousands of tourists every year. 1.1.3 Financial considerations To start, it needs assets i. e. expenses and cash needed to support the running of the business until revenues reach an expected limit. Company liabilities n most cases come from bank loans from bank of commercial investment and already we have obtained private investors. The company expects to reach profitability in one and a half years and does not face any serious cash flow problems.

We expect about 4500 per units per month will produce a break-even point. The initial capital required includes an expense and the money required to aid the business until it is in a position to collect revenues enough to sustain its operations. However, the company liabilities will come from renting services, taxation, labor, compliance with the law. The credit facility will be obtained in the form of a short term and long term loans. The short term loan is meant to take care of the labor whereas the long term loan can take care of advertising cost, the rent and the taxation on the business.

The business is expected to realize profitability in about two years. With the loans and personal investment, the business is not expected to endure constraints in the cash being injected into the business. The profits to be realized per month will be infinite as it is yet to be established how many clients can be reached in a particular duration of time. Chapter 1 1.2 Reasons for choosing this specific business- the capital of Australia offers a strategic position close to many people, industries and firms due to its dense population.

This, therefore, allows room for growth to less populated regions. - Victoria has been known to have high-class meeting rooms and is widely known as a business destination for holding meetings and conferences. Therefore, acquiring a meeting facility offers adequate leverage to the business objectives. - the availability of credit facility from banks in Victoria and government agencies available in the capital of Australia.

The government of Australia offers support programmes to businesses that open up in Victoria for the sake of commercialization and development. - there is adequate labor market in Victoria as the population of Australia is known to be educated. -the immense numbers of industries located in Victoria are an incentive to this business as it is available market. -a the good infrastructural facility allows easy transportation of goods from their source to their respective destinations. - Africa offers a good source origin for important raw materials for industries found in Victoria and also markets found in Africa are a potential source of income if exploited in terms of imports and exports. - Proximity to legislation services and the population

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