Essays on Market Segments and Strategies That We Shall Employ in Venturing into the Electronic Business Capstone Project

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The paper "Market Segments and Strategies That We Shall Employ in Venturing into the Electronic Business" is an outstanding example of a business capstone project. The business plan illustrates the market segments and strategies that we shall employ in venturing into the electronic business. What is crucial is to get adequate customers and establish a strong revenue base. This will not be an ordinary electronic shop. We focus on offering new services that could give us advantages over the competitor businesses. It is extremely vital to reach out to people who may have never used computers through inimitable business strategies.

(Rhonda & Eugene, 2003). Our underlying business values aim at the satisfaction of the key customers. Thus, the plan will be our guiding star. It presents the business vision and the strategic focus that determines and adds value to the target market segment. It offers step by step analysis of the market dynamics so as to enable identification of challenges and how to curb them in advance for maximum profitability. (Tim & Doug, 2006) The business is an electronic shop which targets IBM compatible computer users.

Our location is particularly invaluable in regards to accessibility to the larger portion of the local population. We shall offer a multitude of the latest technology computer, PCs, computer hardware, computer systems and networking services. In regards to Tim (2004), our main concern is gaining customer loyalty through the provision of excellent and consistent computer services, providing services not locally available and selling products and services at competitive prices. We believe it is time to venture into this business. Our target business area has only one computer store which focuses on providing computer services.

Therefore, there is a definite need for an all-inclusive computer shop in this area. We wish to offer technological solutions that our competitors do not offer in the community, in regards, to computer usage. Being a new business, we intend to acquire a start-up loan to supplement our capital as explained by (Arthur & Stephanie, 221). This will be paid back through the cash flow in the business within a period of five years. The loan will be useful in obtaining a purchase inventory, supplement the working capital and foot other start-up costs.

We intend to work with integrity and expertise.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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