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IntroductionBusiness process management is a systematic model to making the workflow of an organization more efficient, more effective and more capable to adapting to the ever-changing business environment. The major objective of BPM is to minimize miscommunication and human error and focus the obligations and responsibilities of organizational stakeholders. Business process management notation and business process execution language are created to enhance communication between line of business and IT, and the two languages are easy to learn and read, which enable business people to quickly learn to utilize them and design processes.

Business process management is a division of infrastructure management, an administrative region which is concerned with optimizing and maintaining the core operations and equipments of an organization. Keller & Jacka (2009) note that BPM is usually a point of connection between the information technology department and the line of business within an organization. When used in an organization, business process management helps to regulate computerization of existing and future process of its business. It helps to reach the full potential of the organization’s internal rate of return as well as quality customer service (Fingar & Smith, 2006).

Literature reviewEmirates AirlineEmirates Airline is an international airline of United Arab Emirates, based in Dubai. Founded in 1985, Emirates Airline is currently one of the fastest growing airlines in the aviation industry in the world, operating 2,500 passenger flights weekly and spanning 105 cities in 60 nations across six nations. According to Gillot (2008) the organization provides cargo, postal and passenger carriage services and is also involved in retail and consumer goods, institutional and in-flight catering and hotel operations. Additionally, it offers aircraft engineering and handling services for import and export of cargo, travel agency and information technology services.

Emirates Airline has successfully developed a brand image in the globe by offering finest business services and facilities. The organization views the customer as the most important person and thus customer satisfaction is a priority in the organization. It has being ranked the best airline in terms of customer satisfaction and best for airline image (Gillot, 2008). Business process of Emirates AirlineAccording to Miller and Vandome, (2010) a business process is a collection of structured, related tasks or actives such as sales, production or planning performed together in Emirates Airline to generate a specific set of results for a specific customer or market.

It is usually visualized with a flowchart as a series of activities. Business growth, as well as quality service and customer satisfaction is the top priority of Emirates Airline which has enabled it to grow at a faster rate. In order to grow and maintain quality standards and effective operating systems, the organization has used its business process to clearly recognize and understand the movement or flow of materials and people that make up processes within its business.

Harmon (2007) argues that the organization makes sense of its business process to show how effective it plots out work flow from beginning to the end in a flowchart. This permits Emirates Airline to document and visually display how activities and tasks are being executed, to locate vital stages of the process and recognize problem areas.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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