Essays on Business Idea and Market Perspectives for a Computer Game Shop Business Plan

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The paper “ Business Idea and Market Perspectives for a Computer Game Shop” is a useful example of the business plan. PC-game is a computer game shop that will be located in Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia. It is a new shop that will be operated as a single business unit. The shop is based on the idea that there is a need to reward customers. PC-game will be able to meet such a need by organizing contests on a monthly basis and rewarding winners. Major customers include individuals in the age bracket of 16 to 30.

The business will majorly rely on external funding especially the family and its main marketing tool will be social media (Debelak, 2000, p. 178). BUSINESS IDEAResearch studies indicate that the market for computer games has been growing steadily and has attracted a number of entrepreneurs as well as investors. My business idea is to start a personal computer game shop under the name pc-game. The business idea revolves around creating a network of computers with games where customers can have fun playing a number of games.

Each computer will contain five games depending on customer needs (Debelak, 2000, p. 112). The business is to be located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The shop for computer games will contain 25 computers that will be divided into two teams with one computer acting as a server. Each team Customers will be required to form teams consisting of 12 players who will be engaging in a contest every month at a prize. This is a unique business idea because it enables fans of personal computer games to have adequate time to play their favorite games and engage in a contest.

The shop will be offering ten riyals per hour for when each computer user to plays their favorite games. Every month, pc-games will be holding contests where two teams will be competing with each other for a prize of 3000 Saudi riyals. No one has ever developed such a concept hence this is a very new concept in Riyadh. The business requires excellent skills in computers and the operation of personal computer games (Debelak, 2000, p. 200). It will be necessary that the business secures copyrights from the relevant authorities so as to secure the original business idea and protect it from duplication.


Debelak, D, Streetwise Marketing Plan: Winning Strategies for Every Small Business, New York: Adams Media, 2000.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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