Essays on Business Strategy - Critical Thinking Mod 3 Essay

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Business, Essay   Topic: Business Strategy - Critical Thinking Mod 3   Ethics are principles and values’ governing the behaviors and attitudes of individuals or groups with respect to what is right and wrong (Management, Web). As part of an organization, it is an individual`s responsibility to comply with all the rules and regulations relating to an organization`s core values. Not only individuals, it is the responsibility of an organization to be ethical in its practices and make decisions which are appropriate not only for the organization but also for the society as a whole.

It should issue a code of ethics to be followed both by the members as well as the organization. The strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) is a global not for profit member organization which creates and manages business education. It provides educational as well as networking opportunities for professionals belonging to the field of competitive intelligence. It provides legal collection and analysis of data related to a company`s competitors (About SCIP, Web). For such an organization, it is extremely important for SCIP to be ethical in its practices.

This is because the relationship between a business and its competitors is quite sensitive and vulnerable and a slight blunder can have a huge negative impact on this relationship. When conducting research for businesses, SCIP should take care of a number of factors and these include complying with all the laws and regulations both the local as well international or else it would damage the reputation of SCIP (SCIP code of ethics for CI professionals, Web). Once the reputation is damaged, the future of the entire organizations as well as its employees will be affected.

SCIP also has a responsibility towards its profession as any damage to its reputation will indirectly affect the reputation of this entire profession as well. Therefore, the managers of SCIP should comply with its vision of providing “Better decisions through competitive intelligence. ” It is the responsibility of the managers to set the rules and make sure that all employees are aware of these rules and they are following these in fulfilling their tasks. Another ethical factor to be considered is that the organization should not hide its identity while researching and interviewing.

It should not take advantage of its resources and position. Also that the organization should provide honest and true analysis of the research done and it should make sure that the data is not be infiltrated. The organization should not only consider the benefits of the business it is researching for, but it should take care of the rights of competitors that it is reviewing. The global business community is really vast as it includes professions of all types including businesses such as SCIP.

In every aspect of a situation, there are some supporters as well as some who oppose these ideas. Businesses such as SCIP have started emerging in the past couple of years due to the advancement of technology as well as wider perceptions of the global business community as a whole. In order to succeed, businesses have to take care of what its competitors are providing in order to provide better customer value. Therefore, the profession of providing competitive intelligence should be acceptable in such an environment.

This is because if a company hires SCIP, for an example, to find out information about its competitor, then the competitor also has the same opportunity to hire another or even the same businesses for such services. All businesses have equal opportunities and therefore, businesses such as SCIP has a position and place in the global business community in today`s world. Works Cited: Daft, Richard L., and Pat Lane. "Managing Ethics and Social Responsibility" Management. 9th ed. Chicago: Dryden Press, 1991. 160-168. Print. Laws. "SCIP Code of Ethics for CI Professionals - About SCIP - SCIP. " Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals-SCIP.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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