Essays on The Banking Sector in Kenya Capstone Project

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The paper "The Banking Sector in Kenya " is a perfect example of a management capstone project. Many organizations have raised concerns on issues about organization diversity and its climate. The organization's interest is specifically to find out how to measure climate in the organization. The climate has a strong impact on the goals of the organization i. e. from the service to its goods. The investigations intend to address organizational diversity and climate issues. This issue is worth investigating and important in servicing the organization excellence at all levels so as to create a shared visual culture, values and effective leadership. There are many issues regarding organization diversity.

This research will address different issues and their solutions to have better organization diversity. This is an important issue because having organizational diversity will create an empowered work environment. Having such an issue in the organization will not help to improve corporate culture. Also, it is very significant to understand the diversity issues and solve them to builds competitive advantage where mixed teams who have different cultures and gender can deal better with challenging tasks and difficult problems The scope of this research is to make an organization more effective so as to adjust its goals and change the formal rules that guide the organization The aim of this project is; To establish a healthy organization that will make it more effective. To develop scales that measure organizational health. To develop strategies that endlessly improve the organization. To build competitive advantages To improve corporate culture To improve recruitment Completing this project will enable me to know the strength and weaknesses of the organization.

I will work on strengths so as to outdo the weaknesses and this will make the organization remain fundamentally sound.

Also, understanding the importance of cultural diversity will make me more committed to my organization’ s mission and improve my relationships with customers and clients.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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