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APPLE CAR PLAY MARKETING PLAN A marketing plan is a business practice that identifies a business idea from its inception up to its implementation and possible follow up. Apple Car Play is an organization with technology that enables a car to play music using an iPhone (Stolarz 74). This research paper explores the apple car play and how it has grown, given that it’s a new technology in the market. It will also explore its strengths and how it has taken advantage of the same to utilize market opportunities. Apple Car play has an advantage of being the first in the market to come up with the technology that incorporates the third party in the pursuit of their goals.

This is evident when they connect the apple to the vehicles. These apples have a variety of features that have made it easy for a car to access some operations that were otherwise inefficient. Being the first company to invent this technology, it had taken this advantage to be a market leader hence dominating the market. This strength has enabled them to create devices that can fit various cars like Mercedes Benz and Volvo.

This is because they are very first in the market, hence they are trusted for this technology (Segall 78). This device is built in the vehicle and has mechanism of controlling some parts of the car. An example is the buttons for turning the steering wheel. The touch screen helps to access features found in the iPhone. The unique features found in the device have been grounded in the basic principles of operational excellence and product leadership. Operational excellence in a manner that, it offers great efficiency in driving, enabling its demand to be high.

This hikes the price. The product leadership advantage comes in a manner that the apple company is the first to invent this new technology. Due to this advantage, they are the ones dominating the market and can decide the market price for the rest to follow. This offers them an advantage to control the market. These advantages are made apparent to the customers since the customers had it the only product in the market.

The customers who purchase the technology enabled car will contrast it with the cars without the device and appreciate the difference. The customers are therefore aware of this dominant technology, recently, Apple car play has been offered two patents, one on a broader telematics car system, user customizable in the tactile and visual perspective and one that uses iPhone. This has enabled it to acquire strength that the firm has used to exploit the market opportunities in the future. The Apple car Play Company is undergoing threats in the market.

For example the google company has promised to partner with the automotive companies with an aim of inventing Android for in-vehicle infotainment systems. This technology works the same as the iOS from the Apple Company (Gobillot 84). Another weakness is when some car companies object the IOS, e.g. the BMW. BMW was reluctant because in the iOS was omitted in the announcement. This was a weakness on the side of the Apple because BMW and Apple companies have worked together before. To solve this and make it an opportunity, the Apple Company has to diversify its products so as to get its products into the market earlier than the Google Company.

To win the BMW Company on iOS, the Apple Company has to ensure it reviews its advertisement strategies that will create loyalty. The Apple Company, like any other business organization, has liabilities. The company incurs much more costs in the technology development and marketing. Sometimes when the market for new products like IOS is low, the company incurs advertisement costs, which impose great liabilities on the company (Grasso 57).

They also have to spend billions in R&D per year with little return on investment. CarPlay means automotive OEMs, whether Ford, GM, Volkswagen  or any other car company that doesn’t have the necessary resources to invest and develop apps for 6 to 12 months can use a ready-made solution that is already popular with their customers by only providing a screen, some buttons and a few good HMI solutions. For Car technology, more specifically, the information and entertainment systems will be outdated before long. This is due to the rapid development of technology.

These devices are similar to mobile phones and tables as they will continue to improve in leaps and bounds. This will make it lose its market within a few months as customers will look for better technological devices. Therefore, Apple has to identified the car as an area with potential growth into which it can push its data service and Apple Maps thus compete with Google and Nokia. Through announcing that CarPlay that will be available in vehicles from different car manufactures. Thus, Apple will deal with the competition from OAA and its competitors like Microsoft and Google.

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