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Career Choice Introduction Career choice is an immensely vital phase of life. Getting a company which objectives, goals, and missions rhyme with those of the employee is the answer to the satisfaction. The best possible marketing of one’s credentials is everyone’s target. The greatest desire of a potential employee is to be rated among the most valuable prospects for any job. A working environment should be that which is favorable for both the employee and employer. Marathon Oil Corporation, for instance, provides good opportunities for employee growth. This is because it absorbs graduates, who are still fresh on the job market (right from the university), and moulds them according to its own goals, objectives and the mission.

The company aims at being the top performer in the oil industry. This is evident from the way it conducts the job recruitment, how it handles its employees, and how it makes the working conditions conducive. Marathon Oil Corporation has an excellent reputation and doesn’t want its employees to ruin it. In order to convince the company to get employed, the prospective employee should meet high requirements.

The requirements are not only academic, much more than that (Shepperd, 45). A potential employee should be an all rounded person. He or she should be able to address the challenges that arise within the company. Being well informed is another added advantage to all the budding employees. It involves knowing things that are beyond someone’s field of specification. This is what stands out in the potential employee. The company can easily identify valuable qualities during and after the interviews. As an employee willing to build himself, Marathon Oil Corporation provides this opportunity. Any person willing to work with the company should possess all the required qualifications.

A job applicant should present himself or herself as an extremely confident person. Confidence is an essential virtue that anyone who is willing to break through the job market should have. Any potential employer will be able to note the factor. The company needs someone who can aggressively make efforts to achieve a given target. This is a person who is able to work under pressure. Most people are not able to perform in strict conditions.

They tend to panic instead. A potential employee should also present himself or herself as a person willing to work diligently. This means that the prospective employee should be able to give quality work at any given point. Some employees tend to equate the amount of remuneration that they get to the work that they do. An employee should be able to work hard in order to achieve the company’s goals and objectives (Dawn, 45). At the same time, the employer should respect the respective rights of employees.

Academic qualifications are another essential factor that ought to be crystal clear. This forms the foundation for any job. Strong academic credentials provide the prospective employee with an excellent bargaining platform. From this basis, a candidate is able to gauge how far he or she might go. This is with the aid of the additional academic leverage. Conclusion Career choice is a stage that tends to provide bearing to any person’s life. Several factors need to be considered when choosing an organization to work. Academic background matters a lot. Everything that the prospective employee will be doing revolves around academics.

This is majorly because acquisition of knowledge provides an avenue for anyone to make it through the harsh job environment. Experience then becomes a secondary factor in career development. This is an astonishing fact because most companies tend to give extra attention to the experience a job applicant possesses. Works Cited McCooey, Dawn. Keeping Good Employees on Board: Employee Retention Strategies to Navigate Any Economic Storm. Garden City, New York: Morgan James Pub, 2010. Print. Sheppard, Glenn. How to Be the Employee Your Company Cant Live Without: 18 Ways to Become Indispensable.

Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley, 2006. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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