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The paper 'Mutual Gains Enterprise' is a great example of a Management Essay. Owing to the challenging business environment, many business firms/companies are embracing computerized systems as part of the information system. This essay examines the possible reasons as to why business firms are integrating the information systems into there businesses and the effective measures that should be put on emphasis during the adoption process of the computerized system. This approach, too many, is being regarded as an intelligent move owing to the many advantages that come along with embracing technology. Key among these advantages include the fast production of goods and services that are of high quality, ease in communication within the business premises and all over the world and the most important advantage of them all is that of saving time where everything is controlled at the touch of a button. While embracing this effective and intelligent strategy as many might prefer to call it, it is also important for business firms to adopt to information systems that are in line with the companies set out objectives so as to get the desired outcome. Introduction The main reason businesses are slowly and steadily emerging is to make a profit.

This is considered the universal reason for starting up businesses. But for a business to meet its set out objectives it must incorporate technology into the business. Many business firms are competing against each other to win clients subsequently staying in business for a long time through maintaining good business relationships. Due to the fact that consumer taste, preference, and choice are continuously changing, consumer needs and interests come first. Organization background Magnus is a business firm situated in the central business district.

In an effort of getting the desired relevant and required information, I had the opportunity to interview the branch manager. In his view, a business company cannot operate well without clearly setting out its objective. The main purpose of conducting this interview was to find out, at what level of integration does the firm consider best for incorporating the computerized information system? Does the information system incorporate into the business help the business towards achieving its set out objective? The size of its IT department is to a greater extent large.

According to the branch manager, several factors come into play when planning for the computerized information system. Key among these strategies that the Magunas firm employed include The set-out business objectives go hand in hand with the firms’ ability to accommodate for a period of growth. While taking up this strategy, it is important that the firm reduces its costs as much as possible. The Information technology department is also charged with the responsibility of ensuring that there is the ease in communication within the organization with regard to the business applications being employed.

In an effort of achieving the desired outcomes, the companies’ set out objectives should also guide the employees of what is expected of them in such an organization. The objectives of Magunas, assist the employees and the managers to spear ahead in the same direction.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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