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Trap-Ease Trap-Ease America is regarded as the most triumphant mouse trap that is user-friendly. It gives the users an option of either disposing of the mice while still living or when dead. The effectiveness of this trap is attributed since it is easy to setup and dispose off the mouse. This company was formed in January by a group of investors. It was after it got the global rights that allowed them to market their innovative venture (mousetrap). In the need of making the production a success, Trap-Ease went into an agreement with a plastic production firm.

The business-level strategy incorporated by its president (Martha); was that the distribution was to be done through: discount chains; national grocery; and hardware. This was done to avoid middlemen. However, Trap-Ease has been faced with a number of challenges; biggest among all is that, the numbers of its sales by April were less than the expected (five million units). These challenges are linked up to a number of strategies used (Trap-EaseAmerica: The Big Cheese of Mouse Trap). There are several challenges associated with Trap-Ease: first, Martha the president is tasked with the responsibility of being the company’s sales person.

Second, there is a wrong choice of market segment for the trap. Although the traps are said to be unique, they are an improvement from the previous traps. The level of purchase of the product has been minimal. Reason being, consumers were not convinced enough on why they should go for a product that was expensive, yet it was performing the same role as the older versions of traps (Ertyyugi, 2013). Some of the strengths of Trap-Ease it was: a unique product that was easy to set up; it was environmental friendly.

It assisted in the reduction of mice; finally, its ability to be re-used made consumers prefer it. Some of its weaknesses were: it was highly priced. As a result, the level of purchases was less compared to the other traps; less promotion was done. Consequently, the consumers were not educated enough of the advantages of the product; improper segmentation; unavailability of sufficient marketing individuals led to low purchases that resulted to low income.

Despite the challenges and weaknesses faced by Trap-Ease America, it had great opportunities of success. Reason being, its products were attractive and easy to use (Swot Analysis of Trep-Ease America, 2013). The most appropriate recommendation for Trap-Ease America is changing its marketing strategy. This will be possible through increasing the manpower in the marketing sector. Reason being, whenever a new product is being introduced to the market proper marketing will yield significant results; this will enable increasing the knowledge base of the consumers.

Therefore, there will be increased sales. Thus, it is contrary to Martha’s approach; which involved re-employing herself as part of the marketing team. With that, there was low marketing. Through incorporating strategic and operation control as a way of monitoring the marketing sector, this will make sure that the sectors activities will be in line with the company’s goals. Moreover, these measures will go a long way to enable gathering that will be essential towards formulation of new plans. In addition, it will enable the process of auditing run smoothly.

Through incorporating of the above recommendation, the performance of Trap-Ease is bound to improve significantly within the market sector (Ma, 2014). References Ertyyugi. (2013, January). Trap-Ease America. Retrieved June Saturday, 2014, from StudyMode: www. studymode. com/essays/Trap-Ease-America-Case-1383342.html? topic Ma, T. (2014). Trap-Ease America. In T. Ma, Professional Marketing and Advertising Essays and Assignments. New York: Tonny Ma. Swot Analysis of Trep-Ease America. (2013). Retrieved June Saturday, 2014, from TempPaper Warehouse: http: //www. termpaperwarehouse. com/essay-on/Swot-Analysis-Of-Trap-Ease/31595 (n. d.). Trap-EaseAmerica: The Big Cheese of Mouse Trap. In Defining the Marketing and Marketing Process (pp. 64-66). New York.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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