Essays on Cases Of Vegetation Assignment

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AbstractThere arte many causes of vegetation fires that are in many countries. This leads to reduction of productivity that can be received in an area. Therefore there are methods that can be used so that they lead to reduction of forest fires in a place. IntroductionMany forest fires have been catastrophic in many countries this is because they occur frequently in those countries. Forest fires are very harmful to human survival and also, living things this is because they lead to damage of the top layer of land that can be used for growing of plants that will be important to survival of human lives.

Therefore if they have effect to the top layer then it means that it will not be possible to have high production that will cover the high population in that particular country and those will lead to more damage been caused. The main cause of forest fires are high population in that with high population then it means that people will have increased to a point that will have to move and search for means of survival this will lead to burning of forests.

These come up because as the population continues to increase then the land becomes limited for the operations to be carried out this means that they will lead to the desire that people have to move in forest so that they can settle and carry out their activities. Therefore this forest fires are very frequent as people will have to interfere with forest so that they can have means and ways of survival. (Bird, 1994, pp, 48) There has been progressive abandonment of rural areas, this will mean that as people move from one place to another then it means that they are ready to have better lives and this will mean that as they move to other areas then they will be forced to interfere with forests because they have already left the areas that could be used for their activities and have gone in other areas where they are supposed to have changes made on them so that they can have the right lives that they have been in need of as they were leaving their rural areas.

The unfavorable meteorological situation due to climate change in those changes in climate will have an impact to vegetation structure, this is due to the fact that people have no the right information in relation to climate and this will mean that they will interfere with vegetation leading to many problems. Methods of fire prevention and fighting that has to be used in every place will be similar this is because there are no differences in forest fires and the only ways to prevent them in one area should be the same to be used in another place.

In project presentation there is need to have preparation and implementation of common program between local agents in the areas that are mainly affected so that they can have forest fire prediction and prevention, systems and procedures that have to be evaluated mainly aimed at comprehensive fighting of forest fires. In order to manage forest fires then it is important to analyze the core elements and determine where to intervene with new and more effective strategies.

The project GRINFOMED+MEDIFIRE has information that can be followed so that it gives the right fire prevention approaches. (Bird, 1994, pp, 46)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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