How to Get High-Quality Literature Review Example Articles Online

Writing a thesis proposal is a very delicate process. Every segment needs to be done perfectly to produce a coherent article that flows beautifully. It is truly the only way to honor all the hard work, time, and resources you poured into your research. One of the most important sections, in this case, is the literature review.

If you go through a research literature review example, you will find that it offers a lot of insight into all the subsequent sections. It is, therefore, a part you cannot afford to take lightly. Here is a comprehensive guide on this part of the proposal regarding what it is, how to write it, and how to make the most of online examples on the same.

What Is a Literature Review?

The literature review is the section in a thesis proposal paper where you describe information and studies related to your research topic. It could be theories that form the basis upon which your investigations were conducted. You could also choose to focus on parallel lines of thought that influenced your choice of a thesis. Whatever the case, it plays an integral role in contributing to the flow and content of the essay.

An example of a literature review in a research paper on green roofing would be a review of the different theories of air pollution and the greenhouse effect. This will help the reader get a better understanding of the project because they will understand its relevance.

Here Is an Example of Literature Review in a Research Paper Format

Any literature review example you find will have the same format. This is because with this section it is more about the content than the structure. Here is the basic literature review outline example with details of the information to be included in each part.

  • The introduction

In this part of the review, focus on the main principles and theories that are related to your work. It is the shortest part of this research proposal segment. As a result, it should only include summarized versions of the chapter components. A literature review introduction example for the green roofing sample would include descriptions of things like global warming, the principle of green roofing, and any other important principle.

  • Body

This is where you are allowed to go wild with your explanations and descriptions. To get more covered in an orderly manner, it is best to organize this segment into subsections. It is a great way to ensure that every idea is covered completely.

Regarding content, it all depends on what research is out there. Make sure to include information on different methods and investigation techniques used by researchers in the same fields. In a nutshell, there is no fixed format to follow here. The best thing to do is to consult multiple literature review summary example papers to get an idea of how to structure your proposal’s literature review body. We have experts who will write for you an excellent literature review with detailed content and an excellent structure.

  • Conclusion

In this section of the literature review, you get to propose your research as the solution to some problem identified by the existing data. A literature review conclusion example with the green roofing example would be to mention how the experiment could help alleviate the challenge of global warming.

What to Consider When Looking For Literature Review Example for Research Proposal Online

One of the best ways to truly understand this structure to properly apply it is by going through every literature review example for research proposal you can get your hands on. However, with so many samples out there how do you know which one is worth your efforts? Here are seven signs of a good literature review sample.

  • Content should be related to your research

Whether it is a scientific literature review example or one centered on technology, relevance is very important to consider. The greatest challenge here is having a research assessment section that is too general. For example, with a proposal on gene therapy, one might be tempted to focus on general principles of genetics. This may not be too far off base, but there are so many other more relevant options like genetic engineering, chromosomal inheritance theories and much more.

  • It should be relevant and up to date

Another way to figure out whether your literature review paper example is worth it is by comparing it to current findings in the same field. If it is outdated information, it has no place in the article.

  • A summary of the most important points

This is particularly important with science literature review example papers. As much as it is important to give details, you need to remember that there is such a thing as too much information. The literature review section is important, but it should not be the center of attention. Therefore, focus on the important points and move on.

  • Mention methods being used by other researchers

The section should also include literature review methodology example mentions. This information will come in handy when comparing the available research to your investigations.

  • Should be distinct from your proposal

The research content on your work or the sample you are reviewing should be related but distinct from the literature review. The last thing any reader wants is to go through a proposal that is a complete duplicate of existing studies.

  • If possible, it could include any inconsistencies or flaws in existent work

You can make this review section interesting by pointing out flaws in the available data. This is important with research proposals that are based on those inconsistencies. It is a great tactic that works with everything from technology to psychology literature review example articles.

  • Include opposing research and arguments

A good critical literature review example should also mention points of view that directly oppose the theories you are trying to prove. This makes the proposal a lot more interesting.

How to Choose the Right Literature Review Topic

Every literature review thesis example has a specific topic that guides the content to be included in the segment. More often than not, it is a particular theory being discussed that is the main subject matter. However, there can be multiple literature review topics examples for one theory. Here is how you choose the best one in case you find yourself in such a bind.  

  • A topic that you understand

Take a sociology literature review example. You have so much to choose from including anthropology, political science and so much more. Given your training and experience, it should be easy for you to settle on a topic you know enough about actually to compile meaningful information.

  • A topic that you are interested in

In addition to understanding the topic, you need to be interested in it. If you choose to review work you are not passionate about it will reflect poorly on your entire proposal.

  • A topic that will engage readers

Remember that after all is said and done, you are writing with the aim of impressing the readers. You, therefore, need to consider what gets them engrossed when choosing the topic of your literature review.

  • A topic with sufficient existent research material and data

Finally, your subject matter for the research evaluation should be one with a wealth of information. It doesn’t matter whether it is a mathematical principle or business literature review example. You need to have enough data to work with for comparison and inspiring your work.

What Can You Get From Your Literature Review Example APA Article?

One of the main perks of reviewing a literature review example APA style is that you get to understand how to organize your thoughts and the information you come across. These samples are also very important in that they allow you as the thesis author to gain a better understanding of the APA writing structure. So before you get started picking a topic and assessing the research available, go through a literature review example APA format or two for an idea on how to do it right.

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