Essays on Internet and MediaTechnologies Annotated Bibliography

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The paper "Internet and Media Technologies" is an amazing example of an annotated bibliography on technology. Category: StartupsTitle: Andreessen Horowitz drops $15M on Web-annotation startupBy: Daniel TerdimanPublished: October 3, 2012 Summary - The article discussed the investment of $15 million in RapGenius, which is a startup that does Web text annotations. The idea behind this startup is the explanation of rap lyrics, but the broader view is to generalize also annotations to other areas. This important investment was made by Andreessen Horowitz, who admits that although he does not have open interest in rap lyrics, he was always interested in web text annotations.

So, the investment in this startup gives him the opportunity to fulfill the goal of his career. Reflection -  Nowadays, there are many startups focused on Internet services because we live in an era of technology. So, I think that such ideas should be encouraged, and invested in order for the business domain to growth more. Category: Internet & Media Title: Google TV makes its way to Korea By: Dara Kerr Published: October 15, 2012 Summary -  The article addressed the topic of Google TV expansion in Korea. In this way, Korea becomes the tenth country worldwide to give its residents the Google's home entertainment platform. This expansion is proof of Google’ s strategy to enlarge its media offerings for the last period.

For instance, Google TV was connected to the Google Play Store.   Reflection - I consider this expansion a well-developed strategy of Google, mostly because Korea could be classified as an emerging market for technology. Also, it could be an advantage for Google by taking steps in front of its main competitors. Student Name: - Course number and section Category: Politics & Law Title: Inmate sues over the 'right' to read Facebook from prison By: Declan McCullagh Published: October 15, 2012 Summary - The article reviewed the suit of a Pennsylvania prison inmate for a First Amendment right to Facebook.

This discussion appeared after the denial of access to printouts of Facebook pages sent through the U. S. mail for the prison inmate. The complaint of this prison inmate was rejected by the court because it was considered that some inmate’ s mail can be restricted for “ legitimate penological interests” . Also, it was considered an isolated event. Reflection - I think that the court took the right decision because prisoners lose some of their rights when they do crimes so it is a punishment for their acts.

Also, because these days many violent actions are happening due to the Internet, a restriction for access to such social networking for prisoners is appropriate. Student Name: - Course number and section Category: Security & Privacy Title: FBI warns users of malicious mobile malware By: Dara Kerr Published: October 15, 2012 Summary - The article addressed the warning of the government’ s agency FBI towards malicious mobile malware.

The supposed malware is related to Android operating systems for mobile devices and includes Loozfon and FinFisher.   This event is not singular, because statistics show an increase in security reports of mobile malware. A measure against this threat was taken by Google, which included new security features for Android mobile OS. Reflection - The security and privacy of personal data have been challenging in recent years because of the development of technology. I am concerned about this phenomenon, and I think that maybe mobile makers should consider more to improve security issues, than other design features. Student Name: - Course number and section Category: Cutting Edge Title: Stair-climbing wheelchair turns wheels into legs By: Leslie Katz Published: October 15, 2012 Summary -  The article discussed the Japanese invention of a sensor-packed wheelchair with special features.

This wheelchair can roll out and climb over obstacles and as well can turn a circle in tight spaces. Moreover, it can evaluate a stair's size, an important improvement towards other wheelchairs.   The ability of the wheelchair to perform these operations is managed through user commands by using a joystick. However, the rest of the job is done by the machine.

The joystick permits the users to change easily direction, most importantly in narrow spaces. Reflection - In my opinion, this invention is an important step forward. Maybe for people without disabilities may not seem such an incredible design, but for people with disabilities, it probably makes the difference.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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