Essays on Chi-Globalization Term Paper

Chiglobalization Chiglobalization is the gradual increase in global influence, global presence, global relevance, as well as global leadership of China aimed at generating a renewed global vision for humanity, in creating a new model aimed at enhanced economic development, and creating a truly cosmopolitan culture in China (Guo & Guo, 19). In presenting a detailed analysis and benefits of Chiglobalization the following outline will be employed.
i. A detailed definition of Chiglobalization, its features and how it was started. In addition, a brief historical perspective of China’s economic and social dynamics from the communism revolution of 1949, to the end of Maoism, and the current China as initiated in 1979.
ii. Investigating how the Chiglobalization process has changed the general social and political relationships within China, and how the country has opened up to the global world.
iii. Investigating and analyzing the differences and similarities between Chiglobalization and Ameriglobalization (Guo & Guo, 20), in defining how the two globalization processes differ, or are similar to each other and differences in approaching the issue of globalization in each case.
iv. How Chiglobalization has been successful measured by technological or other products in the global market today, and having their roots from China. This will involve investigating the leading exports from China to the global market.
v. evaluating and analyzing the features and effects of Chiglobalization in making out the positive and negative effects of Chiglobalization to the country
vi. Recommending some directions regarding how to make Chiglobalisation more successful; identifying weaknesses in the process and making recommendations on how to solve these weaknesses.
vii. Finally will be concluding by remarking how successful the entire Chiglobalization process has been in improving the social, economic processes, and liberalization of infrastructure in China as influenced by Chiglobalization.
The above elements will offer a holistic view in understanding Chiglobalization
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Guo Sujian and Guo Baogang, Greater China in an Era of Globalization, Lanham: Lexington Books, 2010.